Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Flow

I surrender to him
I surrender to you
I surrender to all.

Bliss builds
as the petals of my heart open
open to you.
I lose myself
in you
as I become
Us.  Your body stretches out
before me
she knows how I love this
its like a ritual she does
she grabs my hand and places it on her
and bids me to slide it up along her length and breadth
and smiles gently in the night
as I am filled with tears of gratitude
that you ARE.

As this melts
I am not afraid
of losing myself
we resolve Cosmic
as our energies
fuse into one
This is what I crave
for your energetic signature
is like an ancient language
I was made to recognize.
The flower of my heart
is the flower of your heart.
I will flow into your heart
with that masculine energy'
you fold back and flow into me
as you return your bliss body
so that I might flow back into you
every single movement of you
my eyes
reading a sacred text
the text of your body
your essential self
your sacred feminine.

I may know that I do not know
but in me is one thing that is certain
there is no other thing that animates me more
than This.

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