Monday, February 14, 2011

This Surrender

The very essence of this is in letting go.  When we let go, breathless we enter the kingdom...shimmering and yearning and smiling red faced.  Lovely, entwined, awakened, loved, loving, something inside of us recognizes and the heart stretches open.  It gives itself up to the higher. As a man, this surrender is different from anything I have known I might experience, and yet this surrender becomes like a total experience as He, my higher self, moves through me and filling me with the most sensual of bliss while he at the same time seeks his beloved in this realm, this expression of existence.  This one petal, small, part of such a boundless expression, is still cherished.  The very nature of This is to cherish down to the very smallest to the largest.  Within All lies the channel for connecting to the divine so the ability drives through every single thing that Is.  This is what our ancestors called the Atman.  This is our divine spark, what connects us in a kaleidoscopic fashion to our larger selves and then to Creation and to each other. 

Surrender.  Its in us, and we crave it once we can get beyond the fear of letting go.....really letting go.  The more we can do this, the more we can let come that part of us which is our divine heritage.  THis, our higher self is our divine selves.....the presence of our divinity.  Once you have touched this, or have made room for it in your life, it turns into something life changing.  When you touch this in an awakening it brings such intensity and opening.  Its strength and depth is proportional to the work that you are willing to do on yourself.  If like me, at some point it was like a tipping point where the bliss overcame the pain body.  Then, as the material was removed from me, my heart began to feel very different.  An emergence of a deeper kind happens.  Your field begins to be even more sensitized and you realize that the pain you had before you had become numb to which dictated some of your hurt feelings and behavior.  This changes and you feel as though a whole new layer of spiritual nerve endings woke up or stopped being numb and began feeding new sensory stimuli into your being.  This continues as the process continues.  This process is continuous.  There is no end to it. It only gets better and better. 

But its also just the beginning.  There are countless people who do not let this awakening touch them deeply.  As we begin to let go, we let go of those investments we made in ego.  As we let go we let go of those karmic entanglements that occupied our energy field in the same way that a slow turning through occupies your brain, like a song that just wont go away.  That's it.    With a picture like that, doesn't it make sense to ask the simple question what is it I need to surrender?  What can I let go of in order to feel something truly remarkable and beautiful (my soul)?  All of this self improvement stuff, its just that; stuff.  Its not the deeper path into This without a self that is willing to be shaped and is willing to become the essence of surrender.  We can ALL experience what an Awakening brings.  It brings the cosmic carrot....but we must not just follow but must be willing to be shaped by this experience.  Part of this is a combination of ingredients.  Surrender is chief amongst them.  With Surrender there is also Grace, a necessary ingredient, because it is Grace that gives us the capacity to let go of those hurts and resentments.  It lets us see how critical it is for us to begin this divestment within. 

I know how hard it can be. We are talking lifetimes of investments.  They all present themselves in our field in our Now. Within us, though, is the unique capacity to make clean breaks.  Even in our dna there is this thing we call mutation. Our scientists think of it as merely accidental.  But when something mutates, it can express a change in the organism that is entirely new and different. Some species can go through rapid change in relatively short time spans.  It appears as though some species merely emerge as if at the snap of some cosmic finger.  We have this same characteristic spiritually.  While the Collective Self of humankind might be weighed down with the result of what we have worked through these last 10,000 years, there is still this amazing thing in us that sparks change like you snap your fingers.  Just as we have grace spiritually we have its counterpart in an evolutionary fashion, too.  Its a matter of focus.  We can at any time turn away from that which held us back.  We are more blessed than we realize. 

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