Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book Excerpt 2

This excerpt is from the first chapter of the book.

You see, quite simply, your karma is an energetic attractant, which is the same with any other thought you might have…these are all things which have a life of their own, which are given energy and are thus part of the rule of attraction. It is simply energy, and that energy works perfectly to attract more of itself. Do you want to stop the cycle of hurt in your life? You must learn to let go of your karma surrounding why you feel that you will be hurt. For as you think, so shall you be.

As was explained to me, the universe itself is neutral. It will do as we instruct through our thoughts and beliefs, even if we do so unconsciously and seemingly without direction or awareness. Its part of our role as co-creators, and part of this is learning the responsibility that comes with it to use it in a thoughtful and caring way both for ourselves and those whose lives we touch. If you want things to change, let go of your attachments to these old beliefs or hurts. When you do, you begin the process of cleaning up your life and opening yourself to the divine self within you in this very exciting age where one ancient cycle is coming to an end. As it was explained, this all comes down to learning to love ourselves. When we learn to do that, the consequence is that we quite naturally want to clean up the old karmas in order to get to a better place in our lives.

As we approach 2012 it becomes clear that all this time is is a marker of one age ending and another beginning. Ultimately it is we who must decide what 2012 will bring since it has always been this way. We decide. We can choose love over fear, and we can choose empathy over discompassion.

When your energy field is cleaned up and your karma surrendered, your energy body becomes much more sensitive. We are a lot like people who have been standing in a concert whose music has been blaring so loud that we have lost a part of our hearing. We do not realize just how sensitive our ears can be in detecting sound, how marvelous our bodies are in reproducing and transferring the outer world to our inner one. And in the same way, our energy bodies have become desensitized in such a way that the very delicate sensing within the range of divine is largely lost. We are very close to being ready and as a result we will be seeing a new understanding of how this energy works, and it will begin to seep through and will be taught by those who have themselves begun to awaken. Like any new tool, we learn how to come to grips with it and what it means to us. Concurrent with this discovery will also be the discovery that our universe is itself boundlessly filled with energy, an energy that we will learn to tap and use to fuel a new world where power is no longer controlled. It is at that point that many limits which we placed on ourselves will have been removed. If we choose a responsible path, a reverent one, this will have the ability to move the world out of poverty. For as hard as this might be to understand, we are on the cusp of this and those who are in the right place can choose to make all the right choices which will benefit the world in a way that we can scarcely imagine. But the truth is that within us is boundless energy and we will find that in our world it is also made up of an energy which is ours to tap which is a clean “cosmic” energy which is all around us and is inexhaustible. These two truths mirror each other perfectly as we make our way into this New Age.

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