Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Is Required

All we need to do
to change this world
is to do one thing
and that one thing
has within it
the seeds
of our transformation.


I once loved.
I thought I knew what love was.
But as my life unfolded
so did love
when I awoke
so did this love.
No longer just a feeling for another
but a pulse of Being
love is an awareness
a desiring
a force beyond anything else.

Bring all the mushroom clouds
toxic thoughts
and creations
none of them stand before love
like love stands.

So learn to love
and if you have not felt love like this force
just know its up ahead
we all have to unfold in just the right way
for it to be felt
and when its here
its grand.

All we have to do is love.
Just love.
We do not need to hold banners
or join Crusades
or try to save others from themselves
because THIS love does not exist
except when unconditional
so no conditions.
Love begetting love.

That is all that is required to win the world
and the heavens contained therein.

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