Monday, February 14, 2011

Follow The Heart

I still feel that Valentine's day is a sad commentary on how we choose to celebrate love in this world. But its what we have and its why I am write about love.  Its actually great we have set aside a day for love, I just think that we need to mine it more deeply as it relates to our Core Self.

Inside of each of us is something truly remarkable. It is a pathway back to ourselves, to a Dominion of Being that is at once forgotten yet the most powerful reminder of who and what we are.  This path leads to a bliss that is nothing short of exquisite and marvelous.   What this is is our soul love.  In us is a soul that is nothing but love.  This love is a force....not a feeling...but a moving line of force that interpenetrates everything. We are all so hungry for this love that we tend to spend our lifetimes tied up in knots over it in one way or another.  Just now there is a window where we can begin to feel this marvelous pulsation in our world.  It is who we are, it is what we are underneath all the insulation.  Furthermore, reaching it is not a mysterious thing.  Reaching it is merely an act of surrender. When we surrender our karmic entanglements and heal ourselves we are in fact healing the universe.  When we do this a cascade of events begin to happen. This leads to still greater things.

An angel once said to me that I would not have been going through the machinations I was if I knew what lay on the other side of the experience.  I was in truth tied up in knots over my fractured self, that part of me which has vibrated at the frequency of hurt and pain and loss for countless lifetimes.  This being was offering me a pathway to a love so incredible as to be disarming.

The world is so hungry for love. Lets make a commitment to learning to plumb our deepest depths knowing that within there is something so wonderful and beautiful there that it will take your breath away.  Inside of us is a world, a self, that is perfect.  We can come into communion with this self and allow its presence in our lives to begin to heal and strip us of all that never fit our higher purpose.  Its an amazing alchemy of the self, if you will but allow yourself the possibility of its happening.  Its time to discover that we are each sovereign, that we each exist in a boundless way and that this is a very crucial time for us all to wake up and brush off the dust and feel how the love of which I speak can begin to animate us.  Its important.  Its what we are.  Thus far, its been through a glass darkly, or a mirror that has ben smudged a bit.  Time to see and feel more clearly.  Time to know the magic that we are, the love that we embody.

Not so long ago I was visited by an angel.  He reached into me and changed my life.  His mere touch in my heart center awakened some part of me, revealing something truly amazing about us and what's possible here on this planet. What's more he sent me on a trajectory that forever changed the way I see things.  What he gave me was the greatest gift. He showed me what we are capable of. Its beyond imagining.  But lets not imagine just because its beyond.  Its now time to begin to conceive of what seemed impossible, to feel what is ours to feel.  Your soul is love.  Lets give the tide it rides on some room in our lives.

On this Valentine's day consider for a moment that there is something so lush and juicy waiting for all of us, and its a love that will change your notions of what you thought this was all about. Just say yes.  Consider its possibility; your Authentic Self knows what to do with the rest.  Such an act of intention is a powerful act of sovereignty.

Happy Valentine's Day.  May union rein!

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