Friday, February 4, 2011


I am here
once again
to explain
I am dangerous.
You don't know
what I am capable of
do you?

Inside of me
there moves
the reptile
my basest nature
moving up through the depths
He is powerful
and he desires
He eyes you continually
and taken alone,
he is hazard
and raw.
he also moves through our world
a little too uncontrolled
or alone
to be of great service.
His advantage,
is he knows what he wants.
There is no equivocation,
and he has a thing or two to teach the world.
He is here to bring certainty to the moment.
For as reviled as he has been
he offers something central
and necessary.
While cocky and egoistic
he is needed in This
Awakening Time
and he carries the sacred seed
which you will feel pulsing
In you
through all of nature
his presence shimmering in you
which will crack you open
as your sacred feminine lifts and blooms
like a flowering tree
into heaven.

I have felt him
before the saint emerged
which was merely the healing
and Surrender
I feel Him
but he no longer lurks
but is harnessed
by quick deft hands
as my eyes move across him
his skin ripples in the blue night
his passion
growling deep within him
rumbling all around him
his musky scent emanating
around you
as your perfume
draws him close.

His world is not one which is alone
a wild animal no longer roaming the wood.
But the truth is
every woman ever born
has ached for that HIM
to run with her through the wood
taking her hand
as his blue skin glows
and his divine self lights up with an old recognition
birthed in this One moment
and steers his lower self
as the multiple layers of
and primate
the triadic brain awakens
to its true potential
as the wild animal in him
in Me
howls in the night
and calls you
calls you
as your body wraps itself around mine
and unfolds
in layers

feel me

my deepest most animal
to my most sainted
all as a piece
moving with wonder and joy
that we are here
just like this.

We carry it all with us
no part is wasted
nor reviled.
All is delivered.

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