Monday, February 14, 2011


Some change is instantaneous.  In order for it to happen several things must be in order.  First, you must surrender.  To do this, you may need Grace. What is grace?  This Grace is the creative impulse.  Its not the NEED to create but what happens to our insides when we are in its flow. When we are in that flow, little bothers us or hurts us.  Its not something you foster, its something you FEEL.  When you become more awakened you can begin to feel things in your energy field the same way one might feel objects in your body.  These things that get lodged in your field can be like thorny plants that have long since died.  Some of them are things that simply need to be removed.  The angel Sandalphon who came to me and showed me what I was, my deepest truth, showed also how I could tap the most exquisite love.  This involved his reaching in and pulling something out of my field.  I understood this to be something that was old and was no longer needed.  What was it? Was it a list of things that had begun to rot in my field?  These things sure felt like dead flayed bodies.  Kind of gross, yes, but the feeling was so vivid in this way, that it expressed this sense of something that I no longer used that was inside of me but was like some tooth that needed to just be pulled even though it had long since died.  I think that we are habitual creatures and hold onto things without even realizing what it is we are doing.  So some awareness is what will help each of us.  And a whole lot of love and understanding.

Wouldn't it be great to have someone who is willing to understand you each step along the way, not judging you but gently urging you to let go of your hurt and anger and all the rest so you could love deeper and deeper?  When you begin to feel this love inside of you as the animate thing that it is, the cosmic carrot is at work.  The real work is where this experience changes you.    The measure for me is when my behavior actually changes.  This is where the real work comes in....a persistant willingness to continue improving. The carrot, the reward, is this bliss I keep mentioning.  Its the love inside of you and I promise you, you have the means to know how to open your heart.  We now know that the heart sends more information to the brain than the information the brain sends to the heart.  This is a form of intelligence. And was it really a big surprise?  This heart field is the great Gateway that makes possible our compassion and deepest love. 

So today ask yourself not if you are worth such an experience but how are you going to reach such a place? You have always been worth it.  Here there is no retribution, no one-ups or payback.  No more of that.  This notion of punishment does not work, never worked.  It just filled a world full of worry and hurt and fear. Does fear ever work?  No, fear does not ever work when it comes to the higher self, the soul.  Here, we are stepping out of something old and into something new and remarkable.  We are remaking the Human Race and stepping into the next phase of our becoming. Truly.  So consider it a new day.  New slate. We will all make mistakes; we are human.  That's why we are here!  Make a mistake, but lets carry compassion and forgiveness so when someone messes up of falls or misses the garden path we can cover their hurts and let them know that this time around, there is no retribution, only compassion....because when you see and feel the soul you will know that every single person on the planet is a beautiful being with so much love inside of them....we are just trying to get that love out through the briars of our becoming.  As we learn to clear the way, we feel better and better.....and change can turn on a single decision.

So just as Sandalophon asked me recently to me as I walked across the parking lot, "wouldn't it be nice to just let go of that hurt in you?  Wouldn't it feel so much better to just let it go?"  I agreed that he was right, yes it would be.    He then showed me how I would begin to feel.  This is our great gift to each other; we can let others feel through us.  This is why a soul connection can be so important because that person can let you feel how they feel about you if you have poor self image, self esteem, or any number of things.  Perhaps that person is better able to feel into something more than you.  By using your intention to feel into their awareness of you, you can quite literally see yourself from a perspective you might not have been able to do before. This is what empathy and compassion can bring when dealing with Collective Consciousness.  With soul connections we feel each other from the inside out, and this method of relationship is important I think for being able to break free from our old bounds and old conceptions as well of what we thought was and was not possible.  Just as a room full of other people in a conversation can provide us with different perspectives that we might not have considered, so can a soul connection provide this but on a much more intimate and ground breaking way if we let it.  This is how, in a moment, we can realize something about our process or ourselves that we never saw or understood before.  And in that moment we can also realize that our old way of doing something just does not work, or might be so much better if done a different way.  And what am I reffering to here?  Anything. You name it.  And we get to be gifts to one another in the process. 

So consider how so much of your investments can lovingly, and gracefully, can go up in a puff of smoke and free you. You might even feel yourself all over wondering what just though you were utterly changed.  Its because in a sense, you just were!


Anonymous said...

People would no longer be seeking
if they felt the longing..
I don't think the longing comes
from seeking..the longing is an
oases in the heart..seeking takes too much thinking..not that theres
anything wrong with seeking..if that makes any sense..
Anyway I always find this place fulfilling..

Him said...

While I wasn't speaking to longing in this post specifically, I am nonetheless curious to know what is it about longing that would make a person stop seeking?

Thank you for your feedback.

Anonymous said...

My appologies
I got caught up in the verbs of your Instantaneous post.I do not mean a person should stop seeking.Its just that the two words mean completely different things to me personally.
I feel there is a space between the the two and its the longing that will traverse (for me).