Saturday, February 26, 2011

Conversation With Dorothy on Heart Opening

Not long ago I came across Dorothy Walter's site. I have from time to time read poems she has written or some piece of writing she has found and posted about Kundalini. I found Ashton's site with his poetry to the Goddess through her site, Kundalini Splendor. I noticed that Dorothy had posted a piece of writing about St Theresa of Avilla, a Carmalite nun who was taken up into "ecstasies" that for the life of me strike me as being kundalini. I found out not long ago that Theresa's experience with an angel was nearly identical to my own, right down to the experience of having her heart opened and something thrust into it and the sensation of having her insides removed. I was astonished at how similar the experience was, and was expressing this to Dorothy, who picked up on the heart opening aspect of the experience. She ended up posting some of what I wrote to her about the experience here:

Kundalini Slendor

The experience, nearly two years ago, with the angel who announced that his name was Sandalphon, showed me his face and his nature while removing something from my insides is a story detailed in the book I am currently working on about my Awakening. The thing about the experience was that the angel I saw was a very tall being. I saw a pair of angel wings the evening before in the studio, filling the building from floor to rafters, a full 25 feet tall. When he said his name and explained he was a Seraphim, I looked him up online to find out more, only to find he was a very tall angel. In the span of seconds this angel showed me some things to change about my diet, pulled something out of me and revealed that I had a dual heart center which contained the heart of another, which showed up as a very beautiful flower like a lotus with many many many petals. It turns out that this angel, Sandalphon, is the person's guide or protector whose heart center was contained or was concurrent with my own in my heart chakra. The experience was a pivotal one in how it shifted powerfully my conception of how we can feel in this life. It was a powerful turning point.

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