Friday, February 4, 2011



What will you do
when your insides begin to revolve
as It begins
inside of you
the cosmos awakening within itself
and tearing down your precious preconceptions
revealing your precious soulconception
which unveils the divine conception
that you are birthed to.

Your Mother and Father
birthed you
from such divine bliss
that it echoes down through your
and  all that you concieve
and birth.

The divine spreads itself
through our being
out beyond
in the grass
and the wind
and also in my body
as it knows itself to be one
with that same grass
and wind
so that when my hand rises up to touch you
from thousands of miles away
I touch you through  intent
which is both timeless and unbound
neither contained nor defined by it
- free.
Freed, my hand slides down your throat
and warms itself against your chest
as a vibration begins
a circuitry reveals itself
as my hand cups your breast
and lightening moves through me
as a great secret
Divine Energetics
reveal themselves in us.

My very essence becomes comb-like
as my hands rake through your essence
and I breathe in your feminine
which drives in me an endless
as you flow
into me
and from me I plough back into you
that beingness which the ancients knew
would make the flowers grow
and the fields build fertility
as we dance
and bring to life
innumerable things.

The reason why he was horned
was because he was fertile
and ready.
His horn
could penetrate through the darkness
and awaken within her
her greatest secret
her greatest desire
and her holiest love.
Awakening to the All
is to awaken to this divine pulse
of desiring...
which is a rending,
a tearing,
a reconfiguring
as we become better vessels for what the All

What makes me so powerful
is that I know
that the All moves through my veins.
I am myself a small man
 a singular man
but a man who stands in a river
and bids that river become him
as it bids him to become it
as the two merge
in a union
I cannot describe to you
both because it is so sacred
beyond true conveyance by word
but not to touch
or carrying
as it moves through you
like combs
and horns
heavy with His
seeking deeper within you
always deeper
as He reveals more of you
awakens and invigorates
the She that you are
His passionate yearning
wed to the All
touches your infinite self
your Goddess
aches to know Him
as another kind of Her
which moves in golden circles
taking her essence
her lace
and returns and renews
as they both touch this great secret
which builds the Third
as He knows someday he will touch all of you
and will have to bring all aspects together
in a divine marriage of aspects
which will ring as the kingdom here on earth.

I stand before you
but no walls can now hold me
no barriers insulate me
from you
as electric
I crackle
as my hand moves all across your field
as my intent resolves,
to pierce
and break open new flows
from their rocky corridors
caverns of soulfulness
your boundles beauty
known to me
to Him
as his breath becomes orgasmic
as he breaths worlds into you
from across this physical divide
as he feels you build in potentiality
as we break open
and break again
building new levels of potential
as the body of our selves
enables for greater knowing
as my hands move over you
as they crave to touch you
cool and slick and tight and happy
and breathless
and glad.....

I will open you.

I will breathe my hardened passion into you
as my kiss threads deep into you
as I move
my essence rubbing against you
making static grow
inside of you
divine yearning
these wordless pleasures
like mantras
on my lips
your lips
move next to mine
in this dance
which leads into forever.

Your simplest glance speaks worlds
and shifts my own
as she dances her truth
sings her truth
awakens to her truth
which beckons Him to come
make more fertile
in this union of souls.

Godlings we are -
and utterly infinite.

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