Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Aethos Sound Meditation

Through an odd bit of synchronicity, I came across a sound meditation created by Tom Kenyon and tried it without the requisite explanations and prelistening information.  I am curious to see what others think of it.

The link to the audio is here and you need to agree to the terms of use before being taken to the page that has the audio downloads (you can also listen online without downloading also).  Once you click the agreement to the terms, you are taken to a list of audio links and you want to click on either of the Aethos links.  One is short, about five minutes, and the other is longer, about thirty minutes.  Try the five minute audio first, but if you want to listen more, Kenyon requests that you download the audio instead of listening online since it bogs down his server.  Depending on how quickly you can sink into a deeper state, you can choose one or the other as you feel suits you.

I am not familiar with Tom Kenyon, but he was drawn to be in what looks like is Orcas Island in Washington, which is itself a little interesting.   I haven't even read all of the instructions on how best to focus in the sound space.  I know that for me what took place was automatic and rather clear. 

Let me know what you think. Winks.


Nature Sounds said...

Thank you for posting the great content…I was looking for something like this…I found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs….Keep sharing

Him said...

Great! Glad to hear you found it of interest! Thanks for your feedback and I'll keep trying to find more interesting content. ~Parker.