Saturday, January 12, 2013

Journal II

In a follow-up to the last posting, today I had a family friend in the studio today who brought with her someone who does healing work in our area.  My friend was saying how she wanted to do a body of work about her experience with kundalini to show at a local gallery.  I was interested in what she had to say because I had conceived of a body of work over the last few years which I had imagined, as a way to anchor it as a show in my mind, to be placed in the same gallery. I just had not spoken to anyone about this idea.  I said how I felt that in making work anchored in the vibration of this awareness of ourselves I felt would be a powerful way to change the vibration, to bring a sense of wonder and awe about who we are within.  I mentioned an incident with Ramana Maharshi and his gaze and how perhaps everything else is just anchoring a vibration which we all feel at the soul level, and that in making work of this kind, I felt that it was enough because it served as a reminder for those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see.  Her friend asked us if we had ever been reading someones words and felt as though they were in the room, as if they were alive and present, even if they weren't still alive.  I smiled and said "That's so funny that you mention that...." and said how just two nights before I had been reading the words of Krishnamurti in the afterlife. Sometimes the words of those long gone do indeed spring alive in new and unexpected ways.  Sometimes a book which we read one day is entirely different from the next.  I have some books I have been reading over and over for the past 30 years and I often see them differently when I set them aside for a few years.  It is less that the writing has really changed as we ourselves have changed. 

As we got to work getting colors laid out for the large globe we were going to blow together, I put on a leather glove and thought to myself "Tatanka" which is Lakota for the bison.  I wished that I had gloves made from bison, I thought how good they would feel.  I turned and as I did my friend explained that our guest had been in Canada spending time with the same band of Indians who were descendants of Sitting Bull who had been given refuge in that country when Sitting Bull was still alive.  It turns out that our guest had been accepted by the group to take part in the Sundance. A good way to bring this up.

With this group, the Sundance is all about the balance of the masculine and feminine in the world.  It was beautiful to hear our guest speak about how this was done, how this balance was honored in a ceremonial context to help keep balance in their culture.  It was a timely talk about how front and center these issues were for them, for the Lakota, and to hear of  this sacred rite.  I wondered how we could have activities that helped to honor the balance of the masculine and feminine in our own lives, even if they were stories, or movies, music, art, or even ritual for those who need it. 

Life is full of these events that serve to reflect and manifest meaningful coincidences that are the larger self speaking to the smaller self.  They can sometimes help to underscore a subject, or to bring the awareness into the moment more fully.  Keeping on the lookout for what the universe, which "speaks" to us, can be a way towards new understanding. Sometimes, too, these serve as reminders along the way.   Life is full of opportunity for learning, while listening to subtle clues for what might be something that is bringing our attention into the moment perhaps as a meditation one moment, a reminder the next.  We may never be completely sure what it is the universe may be telling us, or what our higher selves may be whispering, but time surely will tell. 

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