Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Lineage of Light

Once a long time ago there existed the Makers of this world.  Their work was a masterful stroke of genius that left no particle untouched.   Theirs was a work built from the inside out, a blossom that emerged from the heart of Light, from their very essence. When their work was done they gave birth to themselves and emerged here like one emerges into dream.

At first, the Children of Light who woke up here on the green beautiful earth remembered who they were and where they had come from. As time unfolded, however, these Children of Light forgot who they really were and something most curious happened.  People who named themselves the Keepers  forged a great key and built a door between the worlds and said to all the Children of the Light that they were the ones who held the key to the world of Light and because the children believed that this was so, a great shadow fell upon their minds and hearts. The Keepers, curiously had forgotten the most, and in their fervor, convinced many that what they were saying was real. But because it was not real, it meant that the world was no longer built on what was true, but a corruption of what was true.  the corruption was just forgetting what everyone knew deep within themselves.  Somehow, people on earth began to believe that it was possible to hide the truth, to lock it up, and to have a key that would bring you closer to it that existed within someone else's hands.   Wars moved across the land.  Threats to the world emerged and battles were fought in the name of what they then believed was right.  The children of light sunk deeper into a world that became more and more difficult to navigate and to understand.  They had forgotten something, and in forgetting, they lost their ability to save themselves.

For ages, humankind sought to find the elusive key to the world of light, to their salvation.  There were countless people who would come and claim that they had found the way to open this door.  Each claim seemed perfect and certain, but it seemed something was missing.  Teachers would come, showing them that there was no key except what lay within themselves, but the children sought even more fervently to find the key in the hands of those who promised that they alone had the one true answer.

In time, the edifices that had been built around this great door began to fall away, edifices that were falsehoods, illusions, and even lies.  The cracks that began to show began to reveal to some that the wall was not real, that the door was not real, that the key was itself a forgery. When enough light came streaming through, the children of light would be transformed, for the knowledge within that light was so irrefutable that one could not stand in it and not know who they were.  Ancient memories about the beginning of time would flood into their minds, joy would fill their hearts, and their being would become illuminated. 

One day, standing before the crumbling walls, a child asked "If we created this, then how can this wall be beyond our ability to breach it?  What key could not be beyond our grasp?  If we are the Makers, then we are the light."  It was then that no wall could hold the children of light, no lock, no door, no appearance or illusion could keep them from knowing what was always theirs.

Looking deep within, each person closed their eyes and dreamed a very old dream where in every heart there lay a great key.  Within each person lay the means to scatter the illusion of the world for they were the creators of the illusion.  Just as they had built a wall around themselves, they took down the wall and let in the light.

A piece of the great wall was left standing for all to see and when children ask who built that great wall, parents smile and say, "You did." 

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