Friday, January 4, 2013


Come, there is this place, already in position, dwelling beyond time, straddling it, and part of it.  It is a great secret that wont remain secret for long.

This place is both within you and the world.  It is like a silly riddle that wont seem to make much sense as long as you dwell in ignorance.  But we have been gifted with a key anyway despite our not knowing.  It is our ability to dream and create.  It is the very power that brings change.  Coupled with our individuality, we can choose whatever we want to make in this world. And it is most certain that we have.  But this riddle that lasts above all the spheres of our endeavor exists something that we already are.  Already.  We wonder how that could be.  It is like divulging the last few pages of a book you want to read and it seems it is over before it has begun.  Existing out of time, you already are THAT which you so fervently seek.  So what is the point?

We were gifted with freewill. Already, we are infinite, unbounded, existing as all the possibilities and eventualities we could ever dream up.  This is so because we already have.  But it seems that we value freewill so much that we get caught in the riddle of this dream and think it is the only one there is. 

All eventualities exist now, this I am saying. But you are not bound to a given line because all lines are each just as valid as any other and there will be something to be learned from it.  What matters, it seems, is our focus.  What world would you like to know and see before you?  This is the responsibility that we each hold as a gift from the divine.  A great precious gift, so amazing and awesome. Think what we could do with it.  Anything that requires great responsibility will also bear great freedom.

"But I am just one person.  I cannot be all of those things at once.  How do I glimpse this larger realm or world of knowing and feeling?"

Just as you are but one petal on the glorious flower of your being, you also share in a larger life and the parts can and do know the sum itself.  the sum will always be greater than the parts.  And it is in this one little reality that can change your life.  Just as you have one body which will transit through the seasons of what you believe to be your one precious life, you also have this part of you that is connected to the infinite and it is this part of you that can lead you into greater knowing and being.  No, you cannot be all things in this one life, but you can gaze up at that great vaulted ceiling of your inner mystery and receive its sustenance.  You can feel into this part of you and actually feel the sum total of what you are right now seeking to be in all eventualities.  And when it comes, it will be like a mighty rushing river that will at first topple and scare you perhaps, or it might be the most incredible thing, a giant something whose tail you are just now learning to grasp. 

It is your way out of what you think you know that you are.  And while you ARE what you are, perfectly valid and just what you need to be just now, you have this capacity to be so much more.  You can remove those things that somehow do not serve your larger self.  And like children who stamp and yell and scream and cry, we come to this realization with troubles.  Ego certainly makes things hard, but letting ego slip to the side for a bit will allow you a fuller view of this vaulted heaven that is you.  What you are is part of this endless family of being, one petal knowing itself as a larger flower, and a flower coming to know it is in a meadow of other flowers which all share the same sky on a planet that circles a great sun.  And this sun itself is part of a vast field of suns with other worlds with life teeming on some of them.  And all of this is connected in a thread with no beginning nor end. And all of this is what we are a part of. 

So slowly we wake up and realize that what we were is just one small part of what we can become, and what we will be if our own intent is there to make that happen.  Whatever that happening turns out to be because it truly is infinite.  That maybe makes you feel insignificant, but if you dig into this perhaps you will feel just what I have is that EVERYTHING is cherished and is no less than any other.  So the whole point in creation is fulfillment.  What fulfills you yesterday is not the same as what fulfills you now.  What you know today is different from what you know now.  What you will know tomorrow will likewise be different then now.  If you are up for a revolution within you and are willing to see things very differently, I can say with certainty that this is most certainly possible. What does it take?  It takes being willing to see things differently.  As you do this, you begin to change.  You are beginning to create in that moment  a nucleus of something that will grow if you just give it some time and room and a little light from your soul. 

For now, I'd like to say that you may not know what is in your best interest.  I know you know what you think is best for you, and or now, that will be what you know and what you will operate from.  But consider the possibilities.  What are things that limit you?  What keeps you unhappy, discontent, unfulfilled?  And why do these things always seem to happen over and over in cyclical fashion?  If you take this to mean that maybe that how you are looking and feeling about the world is the thing that needs to change, then you are one to something important. And hopeful.  Just HOW you feel is itself the thing that will have the answer.  Let that feeling go and consider that there is something that is better.  All you need to do is to place the intent in the forefront of your mind that you want things to change and then you simply show up.  Right now.  You don't need to know how it will turn out, you don't need to micromanage any of it because all eventualities exist now within you, so all you need do is ask what is in your highest and be willing to let go of what troubles you.  Yes, you will be drawn to all that is karmic that keeps you tangled up, but for now consider that there is a way that you don't even know about yet but that your higher self will be able to show you. 

When the time comes, forgiveness will be needed.  It might surprise you that at its most deepest, you wont be forgiving others but yourself for how you have chosen to take on things that did not serve you or others.  If it means that you beg forgiveness from some higher power, well, that will work too.  All rives run together and join in this sea that moves into the ocean.  Just the intent to do so can make it happen. 

This will become the end of doing and will be the beginning of a new kind of becoming.  Sure, you will still be you, silly, but a you freed from the burden of what no longer serves you.  What this will look like will be up to you, but what it will be will be great because you have traveled a long way to get to this one place.  Right here, now, reading my words. 

This is all a big part of what is happening right now upon the planet.  This is something quite significant, and maybe you don't need me to tell you this, but there is something quite marvelous happening on the planet and it is catching on.  Bubbling up from the ground below our awareness, its life-giving waters can serve to change our world.  It will most certainly be up to us what we choose collectively to make it.  And that, dear reader, is how this all works.  The hand that yields shall be the hand that allows all the waters of the earth to pass through it while the hand that grasps with a desire to control shall lose sight of its magnificent potential.  Now that potential is all around us.  I don;t know about you, but its time to get to work!

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