Thursday, January 3, 2013

Healing the Separation

I worked with some people today in the studio while doing some last things for the holiday season.  One is an old friend of the family who has gone through an awakening and has been taken through all kinds of twists and turns, including fighting and overcoming cancer.  She originally had wanted to bring a friend who had helped her through some of her tough times as a gift of creating something out of hot glass.  Instead, her friend was busy and she came instead so as not to stand me up.  As the ovens were coming up and the furnace was on its way to full heat, she explained that she wanted to bring her friend earlier in the year at a different time. She spoke of her friend and this led to how in this life we face the challenges that can so often form the greatest of our lessons to release us from old patterns of behavior that have kept us in suffering.

My friend mentioned the work of someone who had written about why we have such problems here, that it is because we entered duality, and came into animal bodies instead of living in the limitless light body.  This all makes sense at one level.  It has been a way that I thought for a long time, too.  And it is true. The energy body is itself unlimited.  But when we come here, we enter a realm of limit and linearity.  All time does not spread out before us in a wondrous tapestry where we see things so differently once we enter the body, or so it seems.  In the light body or soul,  we can see how we resolve issues in one era and how events led up to the realization that was so important.  Looking down on time, it flows like a river.  So yes, certainly we DO have this perspective, but it seems to escape us while physical.  And yet, even as I say or express this sense, I also know that we here have the capacity to view this larger perspective even when we are in the body, which seems bounded and limited by the physical senses.  I know we do.  I have seen examples of this in my own experience.  So for a time this formed the basis of some things that I thought also.

But there is more.

I said that I have observed a current of shame that exists within many traditions on earth.  This shame emerges in Christianity, and it also emerges in the Hindu tradition as well.  It expresses itself as this sense that we are put here somehow for a punishment, or that it is some spiritual backwater, that life here is just horrid and a kind of spiritual slum.

And yes, it certainly can be seen this way.  But it does not exist that way as an absolute creation.  It is a pattern that we all have tended at one time or another to contribute to on a mass scale, but this does not mean that this is how things MUST be. It is just how they are right now in what we are currently thinking and feeling. 

I explained that what I had seen early in my awakening was what I think of this revelation that this energy took me down into. It was like suddenly being taken down into the incredibly small world of atoms and much much smaller, all the way down to something that I can only explain or describe as being the very building blocks of matter.  It was here that "particles" winked in and out of our system of reality so fast that their movement in and out could not be detected.  The speed of this was probably incomprehensible to us right now physically.  I was aware of time slowing way down just to observe it.  But, being in the light body, this is not hard to do.  Since I am not a physicist, I can't tell you what these particles could be, but they were much smaller than even the elemental subatomic particles.  I suspect we will discover these particles if we have not already.  Whatever they are, I suspect they will do things that will alter our concept of what matter actually is.  But again, I am not a physicist, so I can't speak to all of this in the language of science except to describe what it was I saw.

At the very root of space I was shown that everything was ordered on an energy that were these two forces....which could be seen as being like two poles on a magnet; north and south.  These two forces interacted to create huge sums of energy.  One energy behaved like a lock while the other was like a key.  As I found myself being taken back up into still larger scales of size, I saw that this principle existed in everything.  Everything had this within it. Atoms, electrons, compounds, cells, organs, bodies, and all the way up into large scaled forms that weren't life forms. Healing the world was something that took place on an individual level and went all the way down even below the cellular level.  By becoming aware of this unifying principle in the world, I had been given a map for how to undo generations worth of encoding in our very awareness that blurred and blocked our ability to see how we can heal and undo the ravages of our past belief and short-sightedness. 

Everything here is seeded with this energy.  It holds everything together, and it all emerges out of consciousness.  Consciousness is energy.  And this energy is Creator and us.  Seeded into everything is what Creator is.  Like a great cosmic parent, its dna resides in our energy.  There is this energetic principle in everything.  So there is that.

We are gifted with freewill.  We choose.  No one makes us do anything.  The garden of eden exists within all of this material.  We, instead, project our shame and hurt and guilt over being separated from this great thing that we then decide that it must have been some punishment. But there WAS no punishment.  All of this is a creation on our part, a vast projection of consciousness.  So think about what you create.  How is your life?  How does your backlog of material hamper you?  What is causing you to see things as you are instead of AS they are?  The things that are not understood or looked squarely at will be projected by you upon others, and they will seem entirely real and solid, but it is largely an illusion, a creation of your own mind.  You will be utterly convinced that its the world that is bad or hurtful or any number of things. Not only this, but the nature of your very thoughts will attract more of the same, too, so the cycle just keeps running, and the effect of this karma becomes recursive and fills out your life with the baseline material you are feeding into it. But all that is happening is a result of your own freewill. And the Law of Attraction can only bring you what you are.  You will bring abandonment into your life because you never got over feeling abandoned at some point long ago.  It could also be a sense of lack, or some other hurt or trauma that is emblematic of your own inside feelings (even if it seems there is no WAY you would EVER choose to manifest terrible horrible things in your life!)  Even psychologists know that what is unresolved will persist.  Its really quite elementary. 

There was a friend I had who had an issue with approval from her male relationships.  This seemed to start with her father in this life. I knew this person in high school.  I saw what her relationship was with her father.  I then saw how over the years she repeated the same hurtful scenario in others.  She got spooked; how on earth was she attracting these men into her life that treated her so badly?  Well, you either think the world is out to get you or you look deeper.  When you forgive it, it leaves you.  But doing this is supreme and total act of forgiveness.  It means the very root of it leaves and does not come back.  It is like a death and a rebirth.  It is.  Before letting go, it is like you are just going to lose it.  But then it happens. IN a flash, it is gone and the joy of your soul takes its place.  A room just got cleared out and it now shines with your pure essence, uncluttered from all of this stuff.

But you see, the world LOOKS like this horrible place because of how we FEEL.  Not even what we think, for thinking emerges from feeling, and feeling is so primal.  Go back into that very origin and you will go back tot he beginning.  This might take you back in time to another life when this first cause struck you as being hurtful to you.  And you chose it.  You chose to feel a certain way.  For certainly, five  other people faced with the same event would very likely have different reactions.  Many do.  Some may feel the same, yes, but the point here is underlining how what you feel is a choice.  A choice.  When you realize this, when it dawns on you how this is so, you will be so close to what you are, so much deeper than normal, that you will be at the place where you can also let it go.  And when you do, you will see the world a little differently.  Slowly, the scales fall away. Each time this is done, the world is brighter, more brilliant, and less a slum and more a paradise.

If you look into nature, it will tell you all you need to know.  It too emerges straight from the Source of all life.  It is itself a very solid appearing radiation assisted by these particles that act almost like the photons used to project a movie on a silver screen.  It is a living breathing creation. It is what we do; we create.  In order to create, we must have freewill.  And we can each learn from what we create.  Just look.  Look at what you were creating ten years ago and today.  if you learn from what you create, you can reflect on whether that is what you want.  Somewhere inside you know what is right for you, even if you respond in weird ways.  The karma will make you do what you do not want to do and it will keep you from doing what you want to do (Philip said this, a follower of Jesus).  As we begin creating in higher vibration using the divine as a template (and by this I do not mean what teachers have had to say but what your own authentic interaction with the divine is saying to you), your creations can begin to change as you release what some call the "illusion."  This illusion is itself a creation, and by saying this, I am not speaking in circles.  I do not believe this is all illusion.  It is a creation.  So, in understanding creation, what does what you create reflect what you are at the most basic levels?  These creations reflect your biases, beliefs, and limitations.  Your creations will bear that stamp of what you thought was possible.  As you change, those creations will also change.

So this world will itself also change.  We are in truth recreating a whole new world,  piece by piece.  I am doing my piece.  What about you?  Want to put this to the test?  The answer is simple and right inside of you. You can force change upon your environment, but that change will bear the mark of that force.  Try making the change within and then working for the highest in the physical to make it possible for good things to come.  Create space for good things to begin to happen, even if it seems like it is a small patch of green in a sea of concrete.  The only way the concrete is replaced is by your starting with your own small patch.  If it is in the highest, others will soon take notice and will be inspired to do likewise.  When authentic change happens, you will know because your life will change in direct proportion to the change or release you have made within.  Remember; a giant mirror, a canvas.  The choice is yours, you see.  Freewill. 

So if the world seems to us to be our moving from the infinite light body to the limited physical body, then we will see it and experience it this way.  Or, we can assume something very different, and that will tend to conform to our thinking.  In time, bad events will be replaced by good ones.  The old prison where we thought we resided turns into the paradise it always was or could be. Seeded in every particle is the limitlessness that is the cosmic order.  Every atom has the capacity to become anything we wish it to be.  If we wish limit, we will experience that.  Or, we can crack open the cosmic egg and consider the great possibilities.  Give it some time to grow.  All good things take a little time to get a foothold.  What do you have to lose?  Maybe just a sense of separation!

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