Saturday, January 12, 2013

Magnum Opus

What are we seeking?  Is it a better life, a path, a method, a way, an answer to some age old question?  Looking out into the world, letting our senses guide, somewhere there comes a turning, a change, a shift, a question that somehow hits upon something that is akin to a straw snapping under one more pound of pressure, one ounce, or even gram will do it.  It seems utterly mysterious sometimes how it happens, but when it does, seeking is changed.  The focus turns inward, perhaps haltingly at first as the caterpillar grows into the butterfly.  What is this that is happening?  Awake. 

It stirs us deep, it churns us hard, but the fragrance moves from mud to lotus blossoms. As the world is somehow changed, the real change is within us.  One by one, the layers fall away, and then it is all about the landslide that is taking place within.  What else is there but this great work?  You eat drink and breathe this.  Struggling, and soaring, all so human, all so alive.  They say there is nothing to do, nothing to learn, but simply to BE.  And yet, we are these creatures caught in this place with blinders. 

Feel deeply.  Allow yourself to breathe it all in, to feel it all completely.  Do not fear feeling, get used to feeling as one would breathe deeply.  The closet, which seemed to have nothing but skeletons, now clears itself out and is seen for what it is; a gateway to a Narnia, a kind of lost world that was never truly lost but here is found piece by piece. 

We like to think that the brain is the locus of all experience, but we are learning that we think and feel with our bodies. It is here, in the etheric body, a double of the physical one, that all unresolved, all unfelt emotion resides.  We can feel all the knots residing in a thousand different places in accord to their vibration.  Feel into each knot, this awakening says, feel into it completely, and you will free that knot and it will no longer be what it was.  Transmuted or dropped away, the energy of what you are shines through as each dust mote on the window of your soul offers up an ever increasing view of what this other part of you is.  Like a lost world, almost forgotten, but entirely familiar.  So the great work becomes a falling away of all that did not serve you, but what you identified with even while it blinded you.  In not feeling, in not acknowledging it deeply, the lesson becomes that to BE we must feel it all completely. 

So do not shove it down.  Let yourself feel the fullness of your emotion, let it blow through you like a gale or like a soft gentle wind in accord to how it was created within you. Even if it is not something that you feel is right for you to feel.  Do not allow shame to deter you, for in so doing, you set up a feeling of no fear, no shame, and in so doing, lead yourself ever closer to a better place.  What we repress, returns as dysfunction.  Let all that has been shoved down to the surface.  Bless it, and let it go.  Feel it completely, and something miraculous will happen piece by piece, as it is done, you will be returned to the next point of recognition, awareness and being.  For if you do this, what first begins as hard, is itself softened.  It becomes easier to bear grace and refinement through intention.  You don't have to be afraid to slip and fall.  Be human, accept who you are, and in so doing, you also allow for your fuller being to come to your aid, piece by piece, returning, restoring the ancient garden of yours soul. 

This is the great work, the masterpiece that you are, have always been. the greatest method has been to simply be still and know that you ARE.  This is the simplest balm, the most subtle of healers, but the most powerful in its quietness, for we have been shouting for centuries all agendas and positions.  Only in being quiet and feeling that still deeper current, will you be pulled to your Source and you will be on a scent whose path may appear uncertain, but only because of how this has been.  Letting go, your inner divine nature will lead you there as the little part of you which has looked out upon the physical is drawn inexorably to what it must be, has always been. 

The method is in returning by being still and knowing what you ARE.  It doesn't get any simpler than that.  Before this, it is method and technique, and if they work, use them.  But a simple gaze will do it as well as a position or posture or concept.  We become ourselves, like a koan, resolving golden and wonderfilled. 

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