Sunday, January 27, 2013

Makers Mark

Your body is itself an expression of the work of the Maker whose mark has been lain within you.  Encoded into your very cells, from top to bottom, is a vehicle for your awareness to dwell.  No shoddy house will ever do for such riches that were used to make you and your template.  Only the best was used, which was consciousness itself acting as creator.  So in this way, you see, the master work was laid right straight from the beginning, and we are still unraveling its secrets in science.  So when the world looks dim to you, a horrid waste, surely this is what we have been choosing to create.  But this is itself a choice to do with the masterwork what is our very right to do.  This right was granted us, and within the confines of the All, balance was sought.  This balance means that for everything we do, there is a mirroring of that to keep balance.  As darkness is added to our storyline, so too is the light added in due course.  As there is an action, there will always be a reaction.  The work, though, is about as perfect as one could possibly do, and this echoes out through countless worlds with countless races and minds who are aware of the great stroke of genius that laid such foundations within us.

As we have choice, the choice is in the choosing.  What we imagine is itself a choice.  What we think, feel, or do, all a choice.  When we begin to glimpse the responsibility present in our choosing do we begin to spiral upwards into knowing and awareness.  It is not a perfect thing, for each step contains a piece of what we have just left within it until swirling and moving, we find ourselves in a new kind of place.  The world changes.  Your body changes.  This vehicle was made perfect.  Perfect to destroy with or create with.  Each choice has its own repercussions.

But I promise you that your body reflects your soul in ways that you may scarcely imagine or know.  Even how the brain is ordered is itself a reflection of the great guiding forces of the yin and yang.  The left brain, in all of its structural magnificence can come up with solutions and processes that can bring us incredible wonders.  And yet, for all of its genius, it is only one aspect of what we are. And so, it was that the right brain was married to the left in a ring of union guaranteed from the start in what we know to be the corpus colosseum. This bundle of fibers allow two brains to move as one.  The right brain allows you to know the mystery while the left seeks to parse it.  Even as the left brain seeks to navigate us, the right brain knows that in the infinite there lies the perfect solution.  Sometimes you give your brain a left orientation and dominance, in so doing, you become uneasy with mystery and the lack of knowing up front what the game plan is going to be.  For a man such as I, this was certainly a big challenge.  Sure, I knew what mystery was, but I was not easy with it.  It was when I began to allow it to take over more of my life that I began to appreciate the wonders that would emerge fully formed from its capacity to conceive the infinite.  If we allow ourselves a more balanced stance in our bodies, health and wonder is ours.  How do you tell a world that has been so starved of its counterpart, the path back to that self?  How do we find it, except through a deeply laid instinct?  It is there, I know it is there, and it is nothing but the return to the garden of Eden for us, to the primal state, the the authentic self, for how things were originally intended for bliss and joy to prevail and predominate.

It is just a way to operate optimally.  The choice is your own for how you guide and steer the ship of your being.  We each can learn through the pleasure and pain principle if we know that pleasure was created to help guide us to the right place.  No pleasure created outside of us, but the pleasure that we can each find within first.  Here, the body will heal itself, care for itself as intended.  The firing of signals in the brain bring a cascade of chemical compounds that themselves help us to feel what is already present in spirit and now entering our awareness.  As we decide to allow these good feelings to come in, our bodies being to follow suit through the creation of endorphins, oxytocin and similar compounds that bring us out of the funk or chemistry of fear or anxiety.  The body mirrors how we feel and can change on a dime.  You, the master of your ship, need only decide to do so, and life will have a way of conspiring to bring you what you seek.  Each cell and fiber of you knows this even if you do not.  But if you give it hals a chance, you will begin to see the masterwork undoing years of trouble and forgetfulness and return you to something better then before.

Knowing what you are is your own birthright and your own journey as a spark of the infinite in this canvas world of creation.  As each awakens to this, will there come a time when many catch the flame and feel the old dry leaves of the past burn in such a heavenly fire?  Or will we seek to put out the flames for fear that we might descend into some lost world where pleasure runs out of control?  Certainly this has been the emblem of our journey so far.  But there lies the middle path through all of this, which is neither too far one way, nor to far the other. Moving out of extremes, we find the balance that seems to be part of the thinking of such creators that put the code of our being here to unfold.  We emerge drunken on spirit, no no longer needing the crutches of drugs or dependency to make us feel wonder and joy and marvelousness.

Down to your cells, the atoms, there lies a dual current of awareness and energy that serves to build the form of you from the ground up.  A marvelous world of shimmering light slowed to the speed of matter, but always containing light, and waiting for the moment that you catch up to it and awaken to all that it is offering you.

This is the tender voice which sings through me that sings to you, speaking in song that is as old as the world.  My syllables are compounds of hydrogen and carbon, and my syntax is DNA.  My melody is the pulsing of the energy and the blood as it sings it was way through every fiber of every blade of grass, every eye, every smile, and every world that is.  The masterwork, carefully laid, shimmers through spiraling galaxies and spiraling conchs.  Its message is seeded in the stars,  tidal waves, hurricanes, and tornadoes. It seems to egg us onward, forward, into amazing discoveries of the wonder of our rich nature which is itself built from a template entirely made of nothing but energy that is alive and seeks to explode into more to itself.  This is the voice that sings through you, through ever rain drop, through all that is here for us to hear and see and know.  It speaks from the very depths of all that you are, and you need only stop long enough to hear it, and its voice is your voice and no other.

So speak, sing, dance, and be.  It is that simple a thing.  Wait upon its mystery, wait upon its greatness.  Let yourself just LIVE and be.  Its emergence into your life will be like a veiled thing that has always been but poorly glimpsed, but waiting for you to take notice.  When the soft and sheer fabric is pulled away by some impulse within you, suddenly the light will come on, and the world will become a different kind of place.  The same, but different.  Ready now, to be sung a little louder, a little more melodic, a little more purposeful as each step you take in this spiral dance moves you and each of us heavenward.

The mark of the maker is here, and heaven can be glimpsed wherever we find ourselves, in whatever world or realm of place.  Everything that Is carries its own harmonies and syntaxes and vocabularies for spelling out and uttering a piece of its great infinities.  It is all within us, all with us, always and forever.


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