Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forgetting Power

Have you sought the person with the keys to the universe?  Have you looked through religion after religion?  Did you convince yourself that there was someone who had all the answers and would one day sit down with you and make it all just plain as day?  If you have, you aren't alone.  We all tend to do this.  It is a reaction that is tied up in several different but related characteristics we have as human beings.  Don't beat yourself up over it.  The power, though, is not outside of you.  When you can turn from looking outside to inside, a remarkable change is now up for grabs, is within your grasp.  Suddenly you are ripe for the idea that the power is inside of you and that no matter how fervetnly you have wanted to find THE thing, it was always inside of you.  You can also begin to dissolve how you give your power away to others which I have written about and have a good bit of experience with directly, and can say that when you turn from thinking the answer is "out there" to "in there" you begin the process of ceasing to make someone else responsible for your happiness, for the answer to life, to the mystery of the universe and all the rest. When you do this, you return to a place of sound authenticity and something screams in you that it is time to begin taking responsibility for your own stuff, your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions, reactions, and all the rest.  When you do, when you return to the place of ultimate responsibility, a curious thing can take place.  You become free.  You begin to become free as you loosen all those old entangling lines that had you tripped up. Just keep at it because it takes some time and you need to be patient with yourself.  It tooka while to get to this place, it will probably take some time to undo everything up to this point. 

You have the power.  Claim it.  Realize it.  Become it.  No guru, no method, just the divine within you seeking to shine.  Let it shine. 

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