Friday, January 25, 2013

Great Mystery

The greatest mystery
is the soul
whose broad palette extends
against the sky of All.

Ever present

Within it everything is known
as each particle
to something greater
dizzying in complexity
but only grasped in simple-mindedness.

Only in bearing thunder
is the sky cracked open
a lofty image
of a simple purpose
of becoming something more.

Lightening streaks across the sky
nothing is not illuminated
by a fire that burns
at a thousand degrees.
There is nothing that cannot be known
but to what end is this born upon us?

What matter is the heart when the heart is everything?
How can it know itself
as itself
realizing itself
as itself
inhabiting the lives of all
who are themselves
as All?

Perhaps it is enough to realize
just what we are
and in so doing
stand in victory
over our own self-made ignorance
lifetimes in the making.

From the start
there was never not union.
The integration of the two
into three
through me
was perfect
even though I was not.

Some lasting impression
lightening from lifetimes past
staining my eyesight
reminding me
of a chapter rewriting itself
a book strewn to the wind
returning to itself
shades of the infinite
and miracles
and peace.

Each moment
a rewrite
holy revisions
in some lost book
of our becoming
each hand echoing the one before and after
until the prayer is perfect
and the mind and heart and body
all resound with a simple
to this new life.

We run wounded and afraid
of what we imagine could be
in our wildest nightmares
until we stop and see
it was only our fears pursuing
and the world peels back upon its layers
and reveals a paradise
opened by thunder and lightening
as layer by layer
moment upon moment
we each learn what was always true
and what could no longer be.

For some it is by water
some by fire
or earth
or sun
and some by lightening
as the crazy zig zag makes of us
the heyokah
sacred clowns
and others by a million different things
yet all merging into one vast current
for some purpose
not yet conceived
but existing
in each particle
a great mystery
a miraculous outcome.

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