Thursday, January 3, 2013

Healing The Energy Centers

You are made up of a truly vast webwork of energy.  You might not see it, and you might not always be aware of it through feeling, but it is there. It is not unusual for people who begin meditation work or some form of quiet contemplation or yoga to begin feeling things that seem to arise from nowhere within them.  This is the tail end of a larger thread of knowing and feeling that can lead you to places within you that can lead to recovering your inner self, your authentic or what I call the Essential Self.  This is part of your higher self, and being in touch with this part of you has many great benefits for human understanding, healing, growth, and fulfillment.

Many people like to be told how to do inner work, and this is certainly understandable.  What are the tricks, the tools, the methods the ways that I can utilize in my own inner work?  My perspective has always been in understanding underlying principles because in knowing these things, I have been able to make inferences about a broader range of issues or possible methods that I could then create on my own.  Imagine that you are a biologist studying lions in the wild. You want to catch a lion in order to get a blood sample so you can learn more.  You could learn how to simply catch a lion with a trap, and that would work for what you have right in front of you to do, or you could understand the habits and nature of lions so that you could understand other ways that you could study the animal. You would wind up knowing even better ways of getting that blood sample, and it might not even include having to trap them.  Instead of one answer or clue to the problem, you could wind up with twenty different and very useful approaches simply by understanding the foundational principles of the lion itself.

So the foundation....

There is in you this vast network of energy inside of you.  It literally connects every single cell in your body while also providing a matrix of energy for thought and feeling.  It isn't any one system or thing, but an incredibly dynamic field that is both electrical and magnetic at once.  It is a vector-based system where impulses flow at the speed of light while also swimming in a field of magnetic energy, which, based on my own experience, suggests pretty clearly, that this field is not based in time, so that it is not rigidly tied to it but can go forward and backwards.  This leads you to precognitive ability and a host of other things that can aid you in understanding what you are inside.  This field and its endless strands connect into the physical system of the nervous system, brain, organs, muscle, bone and more.  It is all tied together.  What we also know is that thinking is not just done in the brain, but is part of this broader webwork of energy that is tied into your physical body.  This subtle body is known to have these central centers that go up the trunk of the energy or light body that are called chakras.  These chakras are like hubs on a vast wheel where lines go out in all directions.  the chakras draw inward and outward all at once so that you can draw energy into your body while also moving it outward.  Many systems of thought from the east tend to make it seem as though the flow of energy is up and down the chakras in a more or less straight line, but what I'd like you to consider is that each chakra is itself a gateway that is bidirectional. Each chakra has the capacity to draw universal energy into itself, through itself while also moving energy up through the other centers.  This does not make for a chaotic flow, but is one that is highly organized and works extremely well when you let go and allow the system to work.  This is why meditation can be so effective in feeling deeper within yourself partly because your mind begins to recede so that you are stopping the need for the ego to be the controlling agent in all matters within you.  It is like a beautiful river of light that will work perfectly if you just step out of the way and cease hampering its flow.

Chakras are themselves a bit like arteries in the vascular system. Connected to them are ever smaller branches or tributaries that flow into them and out of them all at once.  These are indeed pathways that provide a path in physical terms for the life force energy to flow.  What is most interesting is that thoughts also ride on these currents since thought energy is itself energetic and your energy body

What we know now about this energy body is that thoughts, feelings, and memories become associated with certain parts of this energy system in the body.  This knowledge is not new, but goes back in time and can be seen in the ancient arts and science of energy work such as Chinese Medicine that includes such physical disciplines as Qi Gong (or Gung), Tai Qi, as well as the martial arts.The Hindu/Vedic systems also include an understanding that energy can be moved through the body for healing purposes.  What these systems have found is that by moving energy through the body, you can begin to loosen the blockages that occur in the energy field itself that are tied to old thoughts, feelings, or events in life that were troublesome for you.  Both the Hindu and Chinese systems describe the releases that can occur in the energy body which then result in a clearer flow of energy, be it Qi or Prana in the body.  In a more contemporary example, Ida Rolf discovered that by manipulating the body in deep tissue massage that she could remove old traumas locked into the energetic and physical matrix of the body.  These often would result in the person feeling a sudden flush of emotion, sometimes perhaps including a memory of the incident that had resulted in the blockage of energy in the first place as the old stored emotion was released.  This always results in feeling clearer and a sense of permanent peace. These are like bubbles that rise from the deep ocean of being and never return.  What is left if peace, bliss, and a clearer body and mind, and a much happier you!

The other side to this foundation is the importance of keeping the mind out of the work. I know that this may be hard for people to understand or relate to, but the best example I can give is that you simply have to trust in something higher that will help to effect the change you hope for.  Imagine that you have this genie bottled up inside of you.  It lies deep within and is hidden from your view.  Its capabilities are really vast, so vast in fact that it can do just about anything.  the way to get this genie working inside is to give it the room that it needs.  This room is provided when you simply trust and then let your mind stop gnawing on the problem.  This is how you step out of the way so that more room is given in your light body for this presence to do its work.  Kundalini or awakening is very much the same things working in a person.  This seeming force IS the genie and when people let go and surrender their minds a little, amazing things can happen with very little effort.

The trick is in learning how to cultivate a different posture or focus with your mind.  Your mind ceases trying to work on a problem.  This is where the ego gets in the act, and you very much want this not to happen.  Ego needs to soften and fall back into the background.  Stop trying to work it all out.  Give the task over to your own higher power.  Let this higher power be an utter mystery to you because it is in embracing mystery that you literally let the mind go and simply watch.  This is not surprisingly very much what many methods of meditation teach you to do.  the mind is present, it just isn't working on a problem. It goes increasingly more and more quiet.  This is like allowing your being to become like a plowed field.  You do not seek to plant seeds or pull up weeds.  You simply watch and wait for nature to do its great work.

When you can allow the mind to be neutral and play the role of observer, you are in the perfect place for the next phase of learning to heal the energy centers.  From this point, you could come up with any number of methods or visualizations that feel right to you.  The thing to bear in mind is that the method is not the magic.  What is the magic in the method is how it focuses your intent and awareness while giving this genie some room to do its work.  This acts like your saying "Genie!  Come, come and do your great work!  I am stepping out of the way!  Come!"  So instead of having to be in the kitchen cooking every dish, you now sit on a stool off to the side and WATCH.  Be like a kid who has so much to learn and is content for now with just WATCHING.  Bring wonder and joy to this moment.  It is incredibly freeing.  The child in you does not need to control everything; it is still learning so much it is just this giant sponge.  Be that sponge.  be open to the possibility that there is so much more to learn, to see, to discover.  FEEL that excitement and then relax....and kee your hands out of the pots!

Now before I go on, I have one more element to include and this goes hand in hand with putting your trust in this higher power.  It is the very things that will draw your own inner genie to the issue at hand and will help to bring focus to the moment.  This is achieved by your awareness. Where you FOCUS, where your thinking goes, so too does energy. the more neutral you are, the more open you are to not having an investment in a given outcome.  By so doing, you are open to the possibility that a given center in your body can be COMPLETELY healed instead of only partly healed.  The more open you are, the less you hamper the genie and its work once it gets moving in you.  Now I know this may all sound a little odd to people, but if you can imagine all of this in this way, it really does work, or can work if you give it the means to do so.  The method I am providing you is actually very simple, and it is about stepping out of the way while also placing your focus on a given center for healing.

Let's say that you have some issues connected to a certain center in your field.  Each center has a range of aspects tied to it, and these aspects I have found to be amazingly accurate.  The root chakra, for example has issues related to nurture, and survival tied to it.  The solar plexus is connected to will, among other things.  If you want to know where a given problem is, you can actually look at a chakra chart to identify the given issue and where it most likely resides in your energy field.  Perhaps you feel strain in your vocal chords that corresponds with a deep seated feeling like no one hears you.  This came from some past issue and has been kept in play for years.  You don't need to go down into the old event to ferret it out, you simply feel where your problems lie in your body.  Do you feel a persistent pain that doctors cannot tie to a given malady?  It is very possible that this is a sign of something energetic.   Given time, even energetic problems can manifest as illness in that center of the body.

So let's say that your sacral chakra has been giving you problems.  It has effected your self esteem, it has caused all sorts of problems in your own behavior.  It has made you feel cut off from people and from your own sense of beauty and goodness.  For some, this can be felt as pain in the center. For others, it can be a tightness that is felt, a tension that result from the energy body holding on to this old old pattern of feeling. But whatever the center, I want you to imagine that your point of awareness can get very small and you are going to place your point of awareness in the center of this chakra.  You don't even need to imagine what this chakra looks like. Its just not necessary, and is a lot faster if you simply intend to put your focus there for the time being.  Just imagine being there, and look all around you.  Focus on this place and then ask yourself what the problem is without hearing an answer.  Just ask yourself "What needs to be fixed I wonder?"  Then, let that thought go. Watch it float up like a balloon on the breeze as it goes out into the universe.  Then, I want you to speak to the center and tell it that you would like to see whatever issue or problem that exists, to slip or fall away very soon. Imagine things that loosen. Imagine how it feels to undo laces on your shoes, how a shirt feels when it is unbuttoned, or a giant iceberg as a large piece of it breaks and falls away, sending a giant wave out in all directions as this piece drops of its own weight in the ocean. Imagine this loosening happening in the center that you are focusing on.  What you are doing is placing the magic of your intent in this place, you see.  You are JUST doing that and nothing more.  Be like the camper who goes into the wilderness and leave only their intent behind.  Leave no competing thoughts or worries about it working.  Be simple and exact.  There are others things you can do that will work also, which is to imagine waves from the ocean flowing in and out of this center like a tidal pool that cleanses this center of the negative energy that is there.  You can imagine seeing the ocean cleansing this center as you watch the mud being washed out of  this tidal pool so that it feels smooth and rocky with brilliant clarity all the way to its bottom.  It night be that for a while the water seems very muddy and murky as you do this, but this just is a sign that it is working in a powerful way.  Another way is to breathe into this center.  The interesting thing about breath is that it helps to trigger a flow of energy in the subtle body.  Physical respiration is the same as energetic respiration and they go together even if they serve different ends of the body.

When you breathe, imagine the energy center filling up with air or energy and flowing outward in all directions.  It can be like a balloon, or it can be like taking in water, or simply feeling the air in your lungs which all do a good job of bringing in clear energy into that center.  This is the clear energy of intent, which is the desire to see change, to effect healing. You can also imagine that this energy flows from above when you breathe in and that it goes out of you through your feet as you breathe out.  This might work very well for you, and you can even take several rapid breaths that are shallow and that do not make you fee dizzy or light headed.  As you do this type of breathing, you push each breath out hard as if you are pushing something out.  Sometimes making a "hew" or "hoo" sound on each exhale helps to intensify the sense of release.  I prefer to visualize the energy moving instead of using breath work since for me, this brings the very essence of energy to the center.  For some reason, breathing often moves me out of the direct focus I need in order to feel as though the energy is moving in me.  Everyone is going to have a different way to center intent, and really, that is all that I am teaching you here. But whatever method you choose or create for yourself, you do need to feel comfortable with it and have a sense that it is going to work.  Being certain of how what you are doing is the grease on the hinge of this gateway to change, you see.  Being able to FEEL it is key, and this is really a very simple thing. Just don't over think it!

Now that you have planted this seed of intent within your system, I want you to step out of it and focus on something else.  What I do is I think to myself that I am now letting the genie within to do its work and it only works best when I am not looking.  Watching that genie is like watching a kid at play.  If she suddenly realizes that she is being watched, it breaks the wave of imagination in her.  So we let that glorious wave to its work.

Over the next several weeks, it is a good thing to go back into the center as I have described and repeat your practice.  Don't become too obsessed about it and don't worry if it doesn't seem to work right away either.  You are trusting in things working without needing to know or when.  The point is to give it time to work because in not worrying about it, you give it more room to work.  Each time you do this, end your session with "Thank you."  Speak this to the great universe that will do the work for you, and in feeling gratitude, you also speak to it so that you can begin to come into relationship with it in a new way.  It can also help if say thank you both to yourself and to the universe. 

If you are a very mental person, it may be important for you to include a relaxation practice to help you to get to a very quiet and relaxed place.  You can imagine being on a beach with the warm sun beating down on you as you listen to the sound of the waves as they calm you and put you into a near-sleep like state that never takes you into full sleep.  You might also like imagining that you are lying under a willow tree in a beautiful garden with a pond. The sound of dragon flies zip overhead and you can hear bees as they collect pollen in the flowers nearby.  The world is a marvelous place to simply relax into and feel.  The grass is soft beneath your blanket and you can hear the swaying of the willow limbs as they move to and fro.  Clouds move slow overhead and you are at peace.  What all of these kinds of visualizations do is to help stop the incessant chatter in your head and allow you to feel your own sense of presence and your energy.  To do this, you need to become quiet.  As you do this, you will feel like what it is that leads you to peace and calm.  Learning to cultivate this in your life will lead you to an ever-increasing sense of calm and energetic presence.  The mind stops being so busy except when it has to be to solve a problem in the physical.  It is there, like a tool in your toolbox, waiting for you next time it is needed.  But when you want to feel more connected to your larger world of energy, you have to lay aside the wrench of the mind and let yourself flow for a bit.  Any signal that you can create will actually train your mind to go quiet and each time you do this, it will get easier.

Now, one last bit, and it is based on my own experience.  The last release that I experienced was very interesting because one morning as I awoke, I found myself going into this place where I felt very bad.  Up until this point, I had spent the last few months doing many of the same visualizations that I have relayed to you here.  On this morning, instead of trying to ignore this feeling in my chakra, I just gave myself over to it.  I found that for some reason, some part of me could get right down into it.  My sense was not to pull away but to let myself acknowledge it, so I did.  Then, as I did this, I felt a part of the old karma or knotted feeling slip away.  I had a flash of the person it was connected to, and that this was part of my ancestral karma.  This was healing the family tree.

The most interesting thing related to this event of release was how events began to take a turn. I had not seen this person that I felt the karma was attached to in a year and then before that, it had been over a year as well.  Two days after this, I bumped into this person in the store.  Then, two days later, another family member who was tied to this karma also saw this same person in line at the grocery store.  By then, this person's behavior had changed from what it had been in the past.  My family member called me up to tell me about this happening and expressed how ti felt as though some dam had burst, as if something had changed in this person in an important way.  I smiled and soaked it all up, but I didn't bother to talk about healing the family tree for the family member was talking about it in so many words.  This is what can happen when you allow your field to be tilled with the right intent and then trust in the universe, in your inner genie who is limitless and universal, to do the work for you.  Let nature carry you.  Give it time to work and let your constant probing with the mind cease.  Here, you are sending the signal to the universe that you are ready for it to work.

I hope that this can give you some new ideas for how to go about healing and I wish you the very best as the new year gets underway.

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