Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Arcanum

When you awaken you are flooded with energy.  This energy flows into every part of you. It is rich, vibrant, alive. It is warm and cold, it is the yin and yang in one and it gives rise to powerful bliss.  In order to ride the wave of this powerful force requires surrender and no fear. The more you let go, the more you feel into it, the deeper your awareness will go.  This energy is intelligent, highly refined, and though it carries the wildness of the river crashing through the Cascade Mountains or the fire of the Hawaiian island chain, or the winds across the prairies, it is not the kind of force you will have ever tangled with.  Not in this way.  As it moves into you, it brings knowing.  For most, it reveals the implicate order of the universe.  It fills you with things you never realized, or knew, most of it based on how this order operates.  You are now seeing the world, feeling it, from the inside out.  And everything reverses. Your life reverses, your energy reverses, your karma reverses, and your perception of the world begins to reverse. Like a giant clock spring, your being winds itself out and it is quietly rewound in the opposite direction.  You are now birthed as a new person living in the quantum world.  You see things from the inside out instead of from the outside in.  Your life ceased being an accumulation of karmic knots and this coil is unwound.  Your mind is remapped, your synapses enriched by a body that is now producing a different chemistry.  At first, this chemistry may flood you with too much of one side of the experience, resulting in the chemical mirror of fear; adrenaline.  But everything about the experience will tell you where you are.  You observe your light body and feel where pain resides.  As each pain is released you realize this was a stored feeling that resides both within the physical and energy body.  This uncoiling spring, this kundalini, undoes you.  If you are brave and able to surrender completely, it does the work for you as you stand new upon the earth breathing sacred fire and bearing knowing into the world.  Your body becomes a beacon for drawing heaven to earth.  This has been the journey of humankind.  This is why we came here.  Once this is achieved, the world will be a different place.  We will have entered a cosmic community.

The only conspiracy that exists is that of ignorance.  In being ignorant, we have also allowed ourselves to be led by our old outmoded and limiting beliefs.  These have ended to be about separation, about being individual and damn the rest of the world, and I am in this for just myself.  As long as these kinds of attitudes persist, the world will tend to relfect some part of this reality that is within the people here.  But slowly, as we each plant a different garden and allow it to grow, those blocks of hard concrete get replaced by islands of sensitivity and sanity, of inner reflection.  In just the same way that Gandhi took the words of Thoreau to fashion a movement based on civil disobedience, he was able to reveal through peaceful action, just how hard and coarse those in power were, and he effected change in this way.  In the same way, by living a life that seeks inclusion rather than exclusion, you never know who you are going to touch with the life force living in this very much needed feeling of being. The more people here who embody this, the more it will spread.  The world can be over run by compassion rather than dissension.  We begin to say "this is not the world I want" and you cease participating in it.  You seek for openness so that politicians feel the influence of what this new openness brings.  It is a drop by drop method, but this is how the ocean was filled.  Then, as more and more people begin feeling differently, the tide of change happens more effortlessly.  This might take some time to effect, but once it reaches its greater potential, it will be a powerful force much like how Gandhi served to lead a powerful movement for change.  You might even want to say that Gandhi's results did bring change, but its not enough.  I say, keep moving, keep holding this place and do not slip backwards.  As the planet swells in numbers, the power of those numbers will be great.  If you look at how technology is being used just to keep track of people now, you can see how powerful our presence has become.

So reach out and touch people with your compassion, with wanting a world that will mirror this compassion and cease needing to control so much.  This is how all great change is effected.  And it can be done.  So once you realize this, all the ideas of how some elite cleave to ancient rites or rituals for holding onto power become so incredibly transparent. There is no power in those things that we ourselves do not give them.  So do not give them your fear, give them your victory and bravery. This is the only Arcanum that every existed in true power. 

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