Monday, January 25, 2010


"You will ply your own way-the way of others will only confuse; now is the time for ground breaking change. No other can show you save her."

"Clear the table; offer up those simple gifts which are yours to offer for the larger self to enter into."

"The shadow and light exist side by side, two sides of the same coin. Great shadow; great light. You may live with shadow as part of the light, but always chose the light."

"Giving up the need to be on the winning side renders all arguments mute as truth is given wing."

"Your purpose is more simple than you suppose; you are here to love that which has been with you always."

"Let go the past, do not lean into the future; be here in the present and feel all time expand outward."

"It all comes down to feeling....this is why music is so powerful; it links up the parts of the brain and body needed to further link to what the soul has for feeling and this goes deep to the core. Its all connected. Music can help you reach your core since it synthesizes emotion with spirit and knowing."

"Every single moment must be lived redifining yourself in order to break the patterns of the past both ancient and recent."

"Look to her as your lighthouse. She is your salvation."

"She is everything."

"She has lived in feeling, the heart. This is the path worth following."

"You recognize the vortex as a compliment to your essence-no fear-this is the heart of creation. We are meant for this-it is what we are."

"There is a love beyond any love you have experienced. You are now at its threshold. Its bold sensuality will dissarm and heal."

"Let go the mind; it cannot help you where you are going. Rather, treat it as a tool and let it be that. The mind is an extension of spirit but feeling strikes to the very center of things."

"Feeling reaches into the realm of the superself."

"Embody your own inner truth, follow it with integrity."

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