Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I feel like something in me is trying to unwind....almost as if a spring inside my clockwork had been wound the wrong way all these years and now the spring is being wound the way it was supposed to....and all the old patterns are being undone in favor of something new. Every moment is like a prayer and prayer becomes a very important thing.

Inside of this is something so simple....its feeling....and in feeling is energy, and in energy is the core of this thing. My mind needs to reach that center of calm observance, of not needing to do anything but to simply BE.

So the minute hand goes backwards to days and days past.....I am reminded to remain in the present for the god within, the past and future are his with the present to be mine.....I ask that he come in and live inside of me so fully. I realize I cannot drive this....I need to keep it so simple. I miss you terribly.

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