Monday, March 26, 2012


When I awoke A world of knowing flooded in. Pure, it arose and was reflected in everything, or everything reflected It.  What It was was the former of all things, and things reflected what is.  I was at first surprised to find these reflections in what others had observed, from quantum physics to the oldest of notions about how things are.  Amongst it was chaff, the incomplete reflection, the distortion, which was karmic, a lack of understanding of the IT.  Over time we have struggled to understand this, keeping our old biases in place, glitches in the code.  This is why you will see some traditions say on the one hand that the divine feminine is important, yet the culture wont honor the feminine.  Nor will its adherents.  It will be lip service because they know its true, but they just can’t embody it. This is the same thing as followers aping the teachings of a master without really getting it, without BEING it, without feeling it.  Much of this is fine turning feeling until the inevitable truth resolves in the moment.  And it can be a process.  Sometimes we need others to show us that the Emperor has no clothes.  Bit by bit, both collectively and individually, we shed the dross and keep the gold.  Bit by bit we learn to see the pearls amidst the sand.  Eventually, we learn how to engender the teachings, to live it, to anchor its being in our being. Small self learns from big self.  Child learning from its divine parent.  Jesus spoke of not just the Father but also of the Mother.  This was a model, a form, an image, for how a part of the self works.  We exist in higher forms and they are LIKE a father and mother.  You have the feminine and masculine within and they are the gateway to healing yourself.  By realizing its just another reflection, you do not get hung up on the material nature of the image, but seek the essence, the deeper truth that the image seeks to express.  In the higher form, there is no form.  There is feeling, and out of feeling comes action; creativity.  What will be created?  Awaking, the world turned inside out.  And yet, it did not turn inside out.  This is merely an image pointing to a direction….learning not just to read in your particle awareness but in the feeling, the collective can lead you to this world.  We all burgeon each others’ awakenings.  We carry the sacred flame which is transferred, undiminished as a candle transfers its flame undivided, enlarged through its realization that it can be in ALL.

It spoke to me and it showed me not in movement or in smell or taste or anything material, yet I saw perfectly how it moved, how it tasted and felt through all sensoral perception.  I was shown a world where particles, individual were evolving towards its higher being, which was expressed as a wave.  Every atom has this, electron, person, tree, galaxy and cosmos. We are it and it is us.  We stare out at it through the particle awareness and think it separate, but in merging with the wave, of all those other particles, a higher form of awareness emerged. Everything was caught up in this dance and it was passionate, engaged, and incredibly creative.

As I looked out into the world of things, problems arose.  We wanted to say that what we see is illusion, that the world here is bad or fallen. We want to say that what we see is somehow not real, and yet Source has chosen through all of us to experience this.  This is not some delusion.  The delusion is that we are JUST a particle and nothing else.  We are BOTH.  And its one or the other.  There is as much delusion in thinking that we are just All as in thinking we are just One, or singular.  We are both.  Out of this both, out of this dual awareness forms the basis for a larger unfolding sense of being.  It is the triad of awareness, and it fills us and awakens us to our own spiritual dna.

The pulse of life is creative.  Its very essence is creative.  When we turn away from such creativity we also turn away from our very essence.  Some want to say that creating is folly, but in truth creativity is a product of our choices, including karma and misunderstandings.  When we get to the core, the whole of It emerges as holographic.  Everything is entangled, connected.  We experience both the particle and wave.  In quantum mechanics, the particle/wave duality is a kind of paradox. Its also two expressions of the same thing.  And its how the universe is ordered.  You see it in photons that can become entangled only to respond as though they are still connected.  What connects us is without mass, and thus is everywhere and every-when.  It allows for true transcendence through All because you ARE the ALL while also being yourself.  The distortion comes in trying to make them separate.  They aren’t.
When there is over identification of one mode over another, there is a kind of suffering that takes place.  This can be done through the ego on one end of the spectrum where one sees only the self as separate, and in so being, there is suffering from that staste of alienation.  On the other end is the pilgrim suffused in the bliss of All but unable to use the All to create.  On this end, there is nothing to do, and identification with ego is a judgement of bad.  Still, its ego.  The trick is riding the wave with both.  Fork and spoon.  Two very different tools, but both necessary.  Stepping on firm soil or slippping gently upon a wave.  Finding the balance seems to be key.  There is a reason why you are here.  Its no mistake, its not the result of being fallen.  That is the illusion. The illumination is in creating what will fulfill you, but in this is free choice always.  Eventually as the self heals and sheds the dross, a finer sense of what is fulfilling emerges.

Choices change, and a larger sense of self emerges.  You grow up.  this growing up need not involve suffering.  Some say suffering is the path to enlightenment, but this is only so because so many have struggled with letting go.  Its a bit like saying that all have suffered because they are keeping their hands in the fire and thus are burned and feel pain and suffering.  Knowing that you don’t need to keep your hand on the fire is an important step in not suffering.  Its possible not to even feel pain.  Just because everyone is suffering doesn’t make suffering the de-facto path towards enlightenment.  Its just what everyone is doing.  Just because everyone does it doesn’t necessarily make it THE path.  It is A path.  In this moment you can see how suffering is not necessary.  To do that means seeing beyond all that serves to make you feel justified in suffering.  We cling to suffering in the same way we cling to ego.  By balancing, we see that on one end is an over-identification with this part of us that suffers through our own shadow whereas another part of us can show us the way out of that suffering.
In a single moment you can awake to the perfection that you are.  In this moment there is this knowing that everything is perfect.  At the crossroads of both individuality and the wave of the All lies who you are in perfect balance.  What choices will you be making in how to feel, how to think, how to act?  There is no rulebook.  No guide, for within you IS the guide. This is the universe.  You are this.  And when you unfold, the universe will show you its secrets.  You already know them.  As you winnow the chaff from the wheat, you will find what is most essential.  Bit by bit, as your intent moves you forward in blossoming, more and more material will emerge for you to keep or discard.  Its all yours and up to your divine awareness to choose.  The world can resolve kaleidoscopic with the simple truth reflecting itself through all worlds and expressions.

We will each carry a candle that will be lit by our own inner divine impulse.

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