Sunday, March 18, 2012

Union II

Union occurs when your wiring is allowed to shift so that the masculine and feminine within you becomes charged with the energy of the cosmos; bliss.  Everyone calls kundalini sexual energy.  It is the baseline for ALL energy.  Out of it arises ALL.  If you can feel how it MOVES you would understand how it can animate material from mere lifelessness!

Connect your inner feminine to your inner masculine and the flow begins to build.  A standing wave builds in potential.  Until the personality and ego resist its tide, it will continue to build.  Ego fears this part, but the more you allow ego to move aisde, the stronger this wave will be.  Connect the red and green wires….the masculine and feminine…the black and white….they are meant to be connected together.  And as this energy begins to build in you, interesting things will happen around you.
Somewhere, somehow, you got rewired.  Now is the time to put things right.  I am here to tell you that the divine is yours to have in this life!  We all bear the fire of transformation.  Fanning its flames in this place, it is growing to become a might fire sweeping across the land.

We are all a bit like Osiris who got obliterated.  Time to get put back together again the right way…..

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