Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Dance

Its simple.  In you are two currents.  One we call masculine and one we call feminine. In their union, a cosmic consciousness emerges. A divine triad.  As you surrender to this within, you come back to an ancient way of knowing what you are.  Inside each particle lies the yin and yang.  Each particle learns to love itself first.  When it does that, it begins to heal.  Love is the way.

So dance.  Just let it dance in you.  Feel the force of surrender, the great vessel that is the universe, she is in the manliest man, and makes every woman remarkable. Inside of each of us is that lightening flash, that penetrating “I” of certainty and direction that is the masculine.  His bliss is realized when he flows through the mysterious corridors that are his beloved.  This beloved resides in you first, beckoning you to heal the rift that you have mirrored all this time, all these lives.  When you heal, when you bring them together, a bliss rises heavenward.  Its simple.  Its love.  Bliss.  You do not become some anonymous androgyne, no.  You become more man than you could ever be without Her.  And you become more woman because you understand his deeper fundamental nature.  This is reflected throughout the universe.  When the two become one, the kingdom is realized.  This all through eastern writings as the awakening of kundalini, the dual energy that merges, or unites at the higher levels of awareness.  This Jesus also taught. This was uncovered in the desert of Nag Hammadi, scrolls that spoke of a doctrine of resurrection that had nothing to do with death of the body but an awakening to something still greater.  And the feminine was swept under the rug. To a large degree so do the eastern cultures not give the feminine her place in the grand cosmology of the self.  If you look carefully you will see the bias.  What’s important about this is that the bias in the teachings is the bias in the culture.  The bias in the culture is the misunderstanding of how things fit, the deeper yet simpler story of Her and Him. But her we are, waking up to the importance of balance in ourselves, in the world.  Each person will mirror this eventually.  It is the divine impulse, the drive to a more unified state.  It is not a drive towards being androgynous.  It is a drive to wholeness.  You have not lived lifetimes only as woman or only as man.  You need both, and their love will take you apart and put you together the right way.  Through her love and nurturing, through his gentle direction, they will work together to reveal the great secret that is your being.  And we will each need different amounts of each in order for the genesis to happen within us. Christians mystics spoke of it, wrote about it, as have aboriginal people the world over. Chinese, Indian, Japanese.  Its not a religion, but a very human facility for becoming more.

They want to swim all through you.  This is the bliss you feel.  The more you can surrender, the more you can let go, the more you can allow them to love each other within your being, the more you will glimpse their greater reality.  They are the force of explosion and implosion.  They are the fire and the cooling waters. They are the entirety of the whole world.  And they are in you.  When you can mirror both, your life will change.  Its just that simple.  Old hurts will drop away like scales….This is as simple as it gets.  If you doubt, just give it a try.  Surrender is a choice.  A profound heart opening is a choice.  I watch each time as it happens and it happens because I allow it.  Like a lover surrendering, she gives herself completely.  This is what opens my heart.  The man does not seem as able.  He is what penetrates INTO the heart, fertilizing it like a womb, be swims like redfish for platelets.  He becomes like her blood, they mystery that is HER.  They seem separate but the separation is healed in this moment as they give birth to the Christ….the TRUE triad.  The parents….the father and mother and child.  Christ was with both, just as you will be.

Do not fear the love.  You ARE this love.  Its so simple even a child could understand it.  Be like the child.  No shame, no guilt.  the past slips away as a new world and age is born within you.  You begin to mirror something different on the planet.  Its a good thing that is happening within you.  Its as it should be.  But the pain need not be.  The hurt is just a ghost still seeking its old haunts.  Move, create, become.  Break free from your old shell, pull back the next layer.  Love yourself enough to become MORE than you thought you could be.  And quietly, you sit, bliss filled and happy, content that NOW you are in a different place. Do not fear love. Do not feel shame or taboo, for when you can love yourself perfectly like this, you can attract based on this perfectness within you and no longer are you mirroring a fracture but a healed self.

So it can be seen as snakes twining up the spine, or cosmic pulses or even the man and woman together.  Out of them come the universe.  For even Creator is both of these, and it is so full of love, so full of desire to create and become that this spills into your own dna both etheric and physical.  Tomorrow is a place of great promise.  The world is as good or bad as you allow it.  As you heal, so does the world.

Love yourself.  Its self love, not selfish love.  There is a difference!



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