Friday, March 30, 2012

Understanding The Matrix

Its simple really.  Everything is surrounded or interpenetrated with energy that is unified.  Everything is a part of everything else.  When I woke the energy was telling me I was part of this FAMILY of consciousness….I didn’t quite get it until the experience deepened more and more things began to happen.  But if you can imagine for a moment that you are sitting next to me by this nice secluded pond with beautiful overhanging trees and dragon flies and cat tails and a few frogs and bees and lilies and…….the rocks are warm and the moss is cool and its a lovely spring day. The pond, though, is no ordinary pond.

The pond is actually conscious. It water because we are imagining it as water, but it does a LOT more than just act like water.  Its in truth an infinite field of energy in which every living thing is connected to it.  Even though things move around and through it as though they are individual (which they ARE), they also carry a kind of living image and essence of the entire pond within them.  Just as a person like you and I can sit by this pond and talk like the individuals we are experiencing ourselves as, we also know deeper down, the pond is in us.  As we talk I see you smiling and this tells me you are done talking and you just want to leap into the water!  So I watch as you gracefully dive in and I watch as I see you move through the water.  What is amazing to me is that I can actually FEEL you dive into the water.  I can FEEL how it feels to you to move through it. In this case, diving into the water means diving into your very essence as well as diving into the essence of everything.  This is how the Matrix works.  I don’ like the word because the movies are so damned violent.  But the idea has some merit….and even the fear factor projected in them is an expression of what can be for you.  But there is a little more to the story….

Some people who are sitting across the pond are not sitting comfortably.  They are kind of looking down into it and looking across anxiously as me. They look behind them, off into the woods and they are saying something about being followed.  They don’t look very settled, they look AFRAID.  Its interesting, because they are talking just now about something scary in the water.  They are also afraid of something that might be stalking them.  It seems, just a shot across the water, the world is very different. I wonder what makes that areas so scary?  Its odd.  We all see the same pond, the same energetic matrix, and yet we do seem to experience such different things you could mistake what we all see for something completely different.

In truth, the pond isnt a pond.  Its pure energy.  Its a vibrating world that has no boundary.  Its in everything and IS everything.  In our world here, in the material, its here too, and it appears differently to different people.  Some people have fear, like our friends across the way who seem so anxious.  They are warning me about not slipping on the rocks.  They heard a rumor that someone was sucked into the pond never to return.  I smile and say I will be careful. And at that moment, you rise to the surface and scare the holy bejesus out of our neighbors.  But in that moment, as you rise to break the surface, something very interesting happens. The people see my reaction, which is not in fear, but joy. I am smiling at you and asking how the water was.  They realize, our friends across the way, that MAYBE this isn’t something to fear afterall and begin to become aware that some of what they had been feeling was perhaps mistaken.

Well…..not mistaken.  The truth is, this matrix becomes what you expect it or believe it to be.  Some bring fear and see fear looking back at them, never realizing that the universal matrix was merely taking shape around them.  Its how it works.  Its not that the matrix around you, the universe, your life, is supplying the fear, its just you.  Its being powerfully generated in you and then you see its fruits in a world that is infinitely adaptable and mirroring.  In fact, its neutral.  Its your sandbox. You can turn the sand into anything you want, just like how our neighbors have just turned a wonderfully peaceful and beautiful place into a realm of the forbidden scariness.  But it happens, and people don’t even realize they are doing it.  They are just going along with the program.  The answer in changing the way this pond looks is in changing how YOU feel.

But there is something else…..

You can jump in and be a part of this matrix.  You can flow in perfect form within it and in bliss, but you can also still have those old programs running in your head.  If you can pluck them out in entire, what you see and feel wont feel as though you are somehow split between wanting to believe the pond is a nice place but secretly afraid of it….you will actually know it as different.  You change yourself by removing those old programs from your insides.  The more you do that, the freer you are.  You still experience the pond, but without the competing memes that used to come along with being in such a place.  Just being here, just reading this must mean you are ready to stand by the waters edge.  And if you are, I beckon you to just slip into the waters.  They are as bright as you make them, or as dark as you make them.  But when you do arrive you will be greeted by some smiling faces.  Some of them might just be aspects of mine.

It could be a machine world with dire conspiracies and consequences or it could be a sparkling world of possibility.  It could look very normal, very subdued and hidden in a way, or it could be absolutely totally cosmic-land.  As you touch it, it will respond to your touch.  Make it a touch that is ready for love….because at its most basic, it IS love….but less as a feeling and more as a force.  And once you get and feel that, you are so much closer to feeling it head on on its own terms….

Happy swimming!

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