Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Does This All Mean?

After all of this
years of working through the web of awakening
I am returned to the place I was when I first sensed the array of others who were themselves awakened.  I say this not as a boast, but as a simple and innocent knowing which I know is true; you can feel the whole of those upon the planet who are awakened.  You can feel through the myriad tangles of issues which merge into clusters like fruit or an emmanation of comon voice or one corner, there is this one vast array of issues which create a given chord of sound which isn't even sound....but is an energetic emanation.  Perhaps you think this is silly or misguided.  Back then, I felt a different form to all of it.  It was less focused, more looking outward.   Perhaps that was just as I was doing.  But I think we are all doing it.  All of us awakening, looking in common ways which reflect the Collective Consciousness.  There are eddies and flows which do not strike me as harmonious to my own inner light, but they are nonetheless part of the larger All.  Within what I feel is like a broad net of scintilating light of souls, like a starlit sky, one can see how all lights are themselves connected.  All of life is connected, and those waking up within this matrix are connected.  At that time, a number of years ago, there was merely a feeling of potential. 

Looking back, things have changed.  There has been some kind of a burst within that has released some pressure, but the energy continues to build. Its just like an individual awakening, but on a much larger scale.  As a singular awakening, this energy builds until it breaks through one cognative barrier and brings the light of awareness.  A karmic thread is erased, the matrix begins to collapse.  But this is being done incrementally as it is happening in time as well as outside of it.  We are now building into a place where a broader awakening is occurring.  This will be a far larger wave than any before it.  How it manifests, I do not pretend to know, but I can sense within it, that it has changed a great deal in quality and size.  There are more here within it....shining their awareness outward in a way that they had not before.  These were those who had yet to awaken those few years ago....a sense I had of a pressure building.  the pressure was building within them....and once the pressure got sufficient in size, a whole number of people across the planet, no doubt, began to awaken.  Still more are awakening. 

Right now what I am feeling that is so significant is a much broader based level of awakening....but its not full kundalini....not yet.  These are a group of mostly younger people, a fact that I can feel through the character of their consciousness.  IN this time and place, there is a turn of mind and being that FEELS younger.  I can only go by what my instinct tells me.  These are people in the 20-30 year range, and while they have not yet felt the deeper stirring of kundalini, they are on the forward edge of it, are aware that there IS a matrix of sorts, that they have been living within it, and are living lives that are increasingly not the status quo.  They are still working and doing the things that they had always done, that they had gone to school for, but they know about awakenings, many of them, and many now understand that the matrix is a collection of old attitudes, efforts to control, and instead of buying what is being sold to them, they are now very rapidly coming to the sense that their own desire for compassion is being used for an entirely different purpose.  Since much of the matrix is based in institutional forms where individuals are brought into a unity, such as countries and philosophies, this has become a way to gather many individuals into one larger force to call for change.  The problem though is that the change being brought, these people are realizing, is NOT the kind of change THEY want. This will, I suspect, result in something very FEELS like this will result in people simply not going along with the status quo, and will in fact seek remedies for this wrong-action. What will happen, they will soon find, is that the system will NOT respond to their desire for change, at least not at first.  The old system CANNOT change since it is invested in a specific was of being.....and this is being supported by a very old guard of people still very much on the planet and in positions of power.  The answer will be in changing laws, and this will require having a stronger voice of change than the stronger voice of control.  It will also mean people who cannot be bought or put in the pocket of large corporate interests.  Already those who are not bought and sold who are active are side lined by the process.  This will only serve to sow seeds of knowing in those watching.  This is spreading, not like wildfire, but rather rapidly as each election cycle brings a more obvious awareness of what is at work.  It will reach a point where it doesn't matter if there is a conspiracy to hijack governmental institutions; these institutions simply no longer work for people and their growing need for freedom. 

There will be a great deal of frustration until these new minds realize the only way to change is form the inside out.  Some will enter into political life, others will infest the very institutions that have brought and still bring the control mentality.  Much of this will be peaceful, but there will be anger on the street.  In fact, I suspect that there will be a growing tide of anger that will come to be seen as a kind of rebelliousness.  I also think that governments are now at a point where they have prepared for this, knowing that where they were going in all of this was still more control and erosions of personal liberty and freedom....and the natural reaction would be anger and taking to the streets. But as all of this happens, the growing tide of awakening suggests a better way, a more peaceful way. 

People are waking up to the hoaxes that are being put out, and these people are not asleep, they are engaged, and will soon enough become more invested in their situation here now.  I suspect that what I feel are a group of people who are not invested in homes....they do not have a lot holding them down financially....and this is creating a feeling of devil may care.  They are more free to work for freedom than at any time in their lives.  I am not sure that any of this even needs to be a loud and angry event, but will more than likely express itself in being more aware of events AS THEY HAPPEN and realize what the agenda is for these large institutions. What I sense is a growing awareness....not a paranoid sense, but merely the result of having lived around it for so long.  What took some people years to question about 9/11 is now happening within days of things like the Kony effort, which now looks like a staged event to get people contributing money and allegiance to go in and catch someone in a country that just happens to have oil wealth and one of the largest cobalt mines in the world.  Mineral wealth.  Then suddenly the other invasions make more sense. 

This suggests some very positive thing to me.  It suggests to me that awakenings will continue to grow.  Some may not fully manifest as awakenings but may mean throwing off the lies told to them, seeing them for what they are.  Increasingly, the tables feel like they might be turning.  This is not an overnight thing....but is spreading.  And its very very hopeful.

Just as awakening begins to collapse the old matrix of beliefs within the individual, so too is there a larger collapse of the worldwide matrix....which is merely a series of beliefs and ways of being that have prevailed for a very long time.  These are showing signs of growing stale and old and people are no longer buying them.  All of this is not happening because the information war is being won by the alternative media that is on the internet, but because, more than anything, peoples tolerance for BS is wearing thin.  If the government were to stage a false flag event and no one came, how effective would it be?  It would be entirely NOT effective because in order for something to work, there has to be eyes on the screens listening and lapping it all up.  I sense this is not happening like it used to.  More and more, a rising tide of wiser souls is coming online.  All of this is going to take some time, but already the tide of energy has changed.  As more and more learn how to handle awakenings, it further burgeons still more awakenings in others.  As if by some ancient order, we are each being called by name to step into this current...almost as if this were happening in a very specific order....first me, then you, then that person over there....then that one and......

....and in this way, the saints go marching in. 

I look forward to taking another look in another year to see how the field has changed....and perhaps by then, events in the world will have developed in entirely unexpected ways....especially for those who serve the rapidly collapsing matrix of old karma and attachment to things that really are rapidly becoming outmoded and highly questionable ways of finding greater fulfillment...

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