Monday, March 5, 2012

What You Are

You are like a coin with two sides.  One one side is the self that you have known since birth.  It is like a soap bubble, perfectly formed and finite.  It knows itself by virtue of its individuality. All of its memories, feelings, thoughts, are all contained within that soap bubble.  Its thoughts do not leak out of that perfectly bounded self, and nothing leaks into it.  It is affected by the world around it, yes, but the world does not rush into that bubble.  There is no evidence to it that the world could ever do that.  Because everything that this soap bubble has known has been within the material world of limit and form, and because there has been no evidence of anything unusual happening to change that perspective in any way, that soap bubble of awareness follows what its senses have told it all along.
There is another side to this coin and its very different.  This is a world of energy and feeling, of boundless possibility achieved through the cooperative nature of what this self is; the wave.  This waveform self is the self that often goes unnoticed, but its present in nearly everything you do.  It doesn’t get noticed much because its so immediate, up-close and is connected to feeling.  We tend to discount our feelings in our current culture, the same way we discount imagination. We use it, most certainly, without even thinking about it, and to that degree its useful, but you can see how we devalue these things by looking around you.  Because its shoved a side a bit, we know less about this aspect of ourselves.  This tends to be the realm of the sage or guru who wanders into its realm and has a hard time explaining this paradoxical realm well to the rest of us.  This is the Wave-form self, and it has the capacity to join itself with many other particles to form that wave.  It knows itself as connected to a much larger source of life and energy.  I also knows that the wave never ends because the wave isn’t suddenly created out of particles because the wave is a fundamental characteristic of life whether we know it or not.  When you move from the Particle Awareness to Waveform Awareness you are flipping that coin of your being.  You are experiencing the fullest range of what your being has to offer.  Each is important for your experience, otherwise you would not be here experiencing both.  Its no accident, its by design.

What is helpful is to understand this other side of ourselves because its the part that will make an Awakening so powerful.  The degree to which you can open to this side of yourself is the degree to which you will feel its energy in you.  First, it will help if you understand that Waveform Awareness as I call it, is nonlinear.  It is irrational and it is emotional.  Its emotional because it is tied up in feeling.  What you feel in the presence of this Wave is bliss.  In every aspect that your being can experience it, it will experience it.  Its not mistake that creativity helps to ease it along since the source energy from which we are all resting within is essentially creative.  All feeling will be amplified in moments like these.  It also causes the Law of Attraction to work faster and more powerfully.  This is why people who have kundalini have so many coincidental events happening to them.  They are much closer to FEELING which is the power of the Waveform Awareness and thus is working more closely with Attraction to help push events into being.

Being in touch with your feelings when you are “in the zone” is the best place to begin to understand Waveform Awareness.  Its a place where you let go and simply play.  You do this by being enthusiastic, engaged, and capable of bringing whatever you are passionate about into the moment so you can better align with what is happening in the moment.   This is where you feel your most creative, most inspired, and most present.  You are not worried about how something will turn out, you are in the zone and the zone means you are engaged in this moment without too much expectation about what will happen next.  Its a very specific way of being, and we all know this state.  The things that serve to knock you out of this zone or wave is fear, uncertainty, and anxiety.  By not wandering how something will turn out and placing all of your own frailties on the process, you can flow with what is happening.  This is very much like what happens when musicians are jamming without any idea as to what will happen next.  They are creatively in the flow and willing to go with that flow in order that the flow strengthens, grows, and becomes more powerful.  This state is naturally unifying and cooperative in nature.  It also tends to push the ego back into the distance in order for something higher to emerge.  When people are engaged in a selfless way (ego), their efforts quite naturally work for the good of all.  This is important because in an awakening you own Waveform Awareness will connect into your higher being which is where it all gets interesting.  this is where we begin to experience flashes of insight, creativity goes through the roof, and we expand beyond what we thought was possible.  Imagination has a part to play since it is the gateway through which you will travel to conceive of still greater things beyond yourself.  When artists or musicians are in this zone, they describe how effortless things become.  Their senses are sharpened, and often they feel, when working with others, that they are anticipating events before they actually happen.  They are On the Wave and the Wave is not space or time dependent.  It is transcendent in nature, and connects you to a still larger framework of awareness.  This is all done by allowing yourself to FEEL.  It is also aided by suspending what you think is not possible to do.  All of the great ideas came about as a result of suspending what seemed impossible in order to imagine what could be possible.  Many of our great technological achievements are aided by this ability to think differently, outside the box, not even realizing that the person conceiving it WAS outside the box.  When you bring your Particle Awareness, the awareness of your bounded self into the equation, though, you are bringing all of the things you think are true based on what you have thus far learned or experienced.  This quite naturally breaks the wave and brings you into the realm of limitation.  You cannot get beyond limit by being within it.  You have to think and feel differently.  You have to imagine it.

The best way to loosen yourself up is to dream and imagine. This brings you to a rich state where both rational and irrational are working together in consort.  The left and right brain communicate more freely and one is not predominating but enhancing the other.  These two lobes could be said to have overarching masculine and feminine traits.  The left would be linear, concrete, with rational thinking as its core. This side sees the trees individually, but might have trouble seeing the forest. This would be more masculine, whereas the right brain would be nonlinear and feeling, able to see the big picture, the whole forest.  When both sides work cooperatively the left brain might say “that is an interesting tree….with unique cell structure….” and the feminine would chime in and say “Yes, but consider how all of these trees grow together as a group; their overall structure mirrors the structure of the cell in how it grows…”  When this happens, you get the spark of inspiration. That’s when these two energies really hit the ground running!  Their own inner masculine and feminine are working together as a unity instead of being fragmented or divided.  No wonder, then, that the experience of such inspiration is so enjoyable.  If allowed to rise in potential it can lead to bliss that is not unlike our own experience of sensuality and even sexuality.  Many art students I have worked with prefer to be alone when seeking this place inside of themselves.  It is an intimate place, a sacred space, and one which cannot be hovered over by others because it can break the free flow some people need in order to get it moving. I mention this action in sexual terms because in an awakening these two currents very much DO interact in your being in a much more powerful way, and when allowed to flow together, DO create in much the same way that we create new life physically through the union of a man and woman.  The result, then, is a much more powerful version of inspiration (inspire meaning to take in…like breathing) that moves into a whole new gear.

If you suddenly feel yourself afraid or squeemish about your having a masculine or feminine side, you need not have any fear of it.  You have always been this way whether you have realized it or not.  As a man, you have always needed the more sensitive sides of your nature to balance your more aggresive side.  As a woman you have needed your masculine side to balance that part of you that might have felt overly vulnerable, or perhaps indecisive.  A man can benefit from these characteristics that are seemingly opposite just as much as a woman can.  None of them will feel particularly feminine OR masculine; they will feel HUMAN. If you are afraid of these parts of yourself, there is no need to be.  They re already in you and as you open up to them, they will reveal themselves perfectly to you in that moment of inspiration in a way that is entirely unselfconscious.  This is to say that in the moment when you are in the zone, things go by far too fast for you to even realize what is happening.  It feels perfectly natural because it IS natural.  This has never made a manly man more effeminate or a woman any less a woman.  In truth, it enhances what you already are!  The great thing is that you don’t need to think about it beyond intention.

Intention is the ticket you buy a week ahead of time that gets you to your destination.  Intention works magically in the moment when the train is moving at break-neck speed and you don’t have time to consider HOW everything is working or WHY it is working.  By allowing intention to work its magic without the need to know the WHY’s, you can get down to the business of enjoying what is happening in that special moment. Intention is the net that you cast out into the waters even though you don’t know what lies beneath.   Intention will aid you in helping you to create the events that you need to happen in alignment with what you believe is possible. This is why its important to understand your own biases and beliefs. You can easily intend to win the lottery, but you wont win the lottery until you align your intention with belief, pure and simple.  In the same way, when you are moving in this wonderful Waveform Awareness, being clear about what lies beneath your intentions is key to getting what you want.  The problem though is that many people dont know what their beliefs are, and their intention and beliefs are out of sync with one another.  The statement, “Whenever I try to get what I want, it never comes to pass!”  might be a good example of how belief trumps intention.  It also becomes a self perpetuating belief because the result are always the same.  By learning to feel differently and aligning to what it is you want and then also examining how you feel about what you want, you can find the problem you are having in the process. Do you secretly feel a little funny getting what you want?  Do you feel somehow like you don’t deserve it?  Do you feel like someone else should be getting what you get?  Do you feel that winning the lottery is somehow NOT spiritual, that it shouldn’t be about money?

Artists are notorious for being bad at manifesting abundance.  They are abundant in creative gifts, but when it comes to being able to sell their work, they can be very bad at it.  They have beliefs that shackle them in their success.  They might believe that they have to remain true to their vision, that by taking money that would somehow affect their creative output, or water it all down or lead to compromise. These are perfect examples of where we can keep ourselves from realizing what the power of the Waveform Awareness offers.  Most often, these notions are embedded in the subconscious self, a kind of dumping ground for all things unresolved.  By understanding you had this feeling or belief and then understanding where it might have come from, you might be able to understand how outmoded that belief is and get rid of it, replacing it with something that serves you better.  This all is about FEELING differently.  It not about rationalizing anything, but being able to FEEL how great it would be to REALLY succeed and realize all of your dreams.  When you can feel this way, the universe, which is itself also feeling, forms to your expectations!

You are a two-sided coin, yes, and you can use these two sides to greatly enrich your experience here.  By examining your beliefs, you can allow the power of the Wave to crash upon your shores and bring you the miraculous things you always needed. I know it sounds like magic, and perhaps this is always how we have seen magic:  some people had it while others did not.  How they were able to always have things work just right seemed entirely magical.  And if they thought that way, I’d say that looking from the outside in, they were pretty on the mark!

So the first step is to being to flow.  As you flow and allow yourself to NOT know the outcome when in the midst of being creative, you open yourself up to still greater amounts of energy, the energy of this boundless wave.  Trust me, events will begin to happen that seem utterly magical, coincidental, but this is merely proof that it is working in a powerful way for you.  Instead of wondering over what comes next, stay in the wave as much as you can.  Nothing might be happening right now, but just keep up the groove you are in and as you build this energy, things will have a funny way of happening as long as your intention and your belief are in alignment.  Its there in that place where anything suddenly becomes possible and you begin to think and conceive of new things!  This is the essence of creativity!

In my book Waking The Infinite and my second book in the works Divine Energetics, I discuss these issues in greater detail.  If you would like to be placed on a list to review these books, you may contact me through this site.

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