Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beyond This Little Place

Beyond this little moment
this place
this state of being
there is something that has been with you
but hidden, too.
Its a passionate fire breath of a moment
where your body relaxes and begs to be taken by the ALL.
The universe surges around you
you surge within the universe
confused, ego takes a trip for a time
so true universal mind can move powerfully through you
and unapologetic.
Everyone wants to think they know what an Awakening is all about.
Books are written that entirely miss the point with blah blah blah
No special pose or diet or breathing or any of that, but an intention to feel deeply, passionately, sexually, tantricaly, multidimensionaly, quantum-fide and nonlocal.
Powered, your essence can flow through the tiny cracks left by those in the world who do not notice them
You are rendered passionate
slave to the universe
you beg for more
to find that place where your being rides the wave of the infinite
and passion and desire pours through your body
less like what you used to know
and now like liquid fire.
For as much as you want to leap out of your skin
for as much as you seek a passionate embrace
you sit quiet and still
your insides exploding quietly
as the passionate universe surges all through you.
All this talk about purity
and holiness….
it just fades into the background
so much nonsense.
My divinity is the masculine seeking his feminine
of the feminine feeling his hands all over her a thousand miles away
his presence incapable of being anywhere but within her
like currents of light or water streaming all through her
in their noble pagan dance of passion.
His is not an act of propriety
but of his pure masculine essence
what so many denied as impure, improper, and unclean.
What utter bullshit. Id rather be a rough and tumble pagan
than a pure and carefully put together peitous follower.
Id rather howl at the moon and feel every fish and bird
moving through me that moves through the hot steamy jungles of Belize
and the passionate currents that stream through Fort Wayne Indiana.
The truth is, it all moves through me
and its intense creative energy is like a giant orgasmic tsunami
that I cannot make any sense of save to feel and experience in the moment
what the collective is doing and feeling.
I know out of this I can tease great energy for making incredible things happen
and I know I was sent here to do that
and I know I ought not worry
but I also know I aint getting any younger
and perhaps I need to show the explosive potential in all of this
as my mere intention of kissing the world
will make it result into a billion hungry lips
waiting for the creative touch
the light ray
the water drop
the life spark….

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