Friday, March 30, 2012

There is More to Learn

In the eastern traditions there is a strong adherence to destroying ego,  to obliterating what stands in the way of the transcendent This view emphasizes the infinite field, which is where soul resides, where the Waveform Awareness emerges. It is the All.  These folks sink into the infinite and they dissapear.  Then they come back and all their stuff is there waiting for them like forgotten luggage.  By dissolving attatchements, the motor purrs instead of chugging. To do this means the small and large self work together.  These easterners don’t understand this it seems.  They seek this inifinite path by way of dissolving. It works, but it has a consequence to it.  As a result, there is this reliance on not feeling, whatever that means.  Thing is, is that while I would agree that you can’t drag raw emotion into this, you cannot help BUT feel.  The universe IS feeling, so its a bit silly to even be talking this way.  The way you interface with the infinite is through feeling.  Its how you are able to shift and be aware of this universe, the All.  Its simple; the All is aware and feeling.  I am not talking run away emotion, that’s what’s waiting for them when they get back.  Its why they talk about it I imagine.  They do well in getting there, but there is something big that not many even talk about because this is where the rubber meets the road.

We have more to learn.  Wed like to cleave to ancient texts and scrolls, but we as a species are changing, and we just dont sit in a temple all day meditating. We are texting and cooking and picking up children and having meetings and being barraged by the absolute bullshit of a world gone mad. We tend to think if you wear a funny hat and a Sari that this makes you spiritual. But merely being you makes you this.  As a result, we need a more robust sense of integration for the self.  Small self is just used to small things….but if it can surrender well then the larger self can light up and you are on your way.

The universe is alive.  Every atom and molecule feels.  Its consciousness and its in everything.  It is THIS feeling that you connect with and so feeling is very important.  As you shed the dross ever more greater ranges open up to you.  Most people carry a huge load around with them without ever knowing it.  Surrender becomes the only way they know to get up to the light speed necessary for things to get interesting. We can be awake while still loaded.  This is what brings on the dark nights of the soul, this is what brings about what some call Kundalini Syndrome.  Its ego trying to dredge up karmic attachments that simply cant travel at the speed of the universal consciousness.  But we still try.  The art of learning to divest of karmic attachments is a seemingly magical process where old hurts and connections to lifelong issues suddenly go away….like a leaf falling quiet from a tree. They do not return.  And all of the dark nights of the soul are most often brought on by this dross.  For most the process is entirely mysterious….and THIS is what we have yet to learn well enough so that as more awaken, we can speed up this process, improve upon it instead of looking to cultures thousands of years old and soaked in issues and attachments that simply are not part of our emerging Collective Consciousness.  Even the Collective is changing.

I know….I am just an upstart pipsqueek. But its through our own development, never assuming there isn’t more to learn, that we do.

Its an exciting time.  Not easy, never that, but looking into our present with feet place forward, instead of into the past is the way to go. And awaken.


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