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Changing What You Attract

The Law of Attraction works.  It works because the universe aligns to your thoughts and feelings and beliefs.  The problem, though, is the issue of being able to heal the self of those beliefs or attitudes that are contrary to what you want. You might not LIKE poverty, or relationships that do not honor your highest, but until you can resolve the deeper issues within you that keep you from realizing what you want in your mind, problems will continue along the same lines as they have in the past.

We are a bundle of unresolved feelings and beliefs.  These can be so simple, so fundamental, that they are entirely missed by the individual awareness.  Some of it gets relegated to the subconscious simply because whatever it is that remains is so hard and thorny.  Perhaps you grew up in a family that treated you in a way that hurt you somehow.  You may have the fallout from this winding up ingrained in you.  You don’t WANT to not be loved, but you question whether you are lovable because of the past.  The deeper truth, though, is that what you came into this life with represents overhanging issues from BEFORE you were born.  This life is like the next volume in a still larger story, and in the current volume the plot is still the same, the author is still the same, and the story line continues.  You come into a life that mirrors all the things that were left undone.  Look at your life early on and you will see the perfect mirror in those around you.  Its very easy for us to blame where we are on parents or circumstance but what this does is it ignores one little issue which is Attraction.

Until we can be honest and begin to realize that everything we experience is the direct result of what the Law of Attraction does in the universe, we wont be able to face up to just what the root cause is of our hurts. As long as that hurt is there, it causes the canvas of your life to mirror at least some colors that are from that hurt....and it adds to your life those strains of color to the composition that don't jive....that don't feel quite right.  That's because they aren't. But when you pluck out that vine by the roots, it no longer grows and has a life in you....and the creative production that is your life changes.....because your life, along with the universe, mirror each a living canvas or mirror.  Even events that seem entirely unchangeable will change like magic.....some of them can change overnight....I have seen it happen and its quite miraculous and powerful for evidence for the role that the Law of Attraction has in our lives. 

It isn’t that we are bad people.  It has very much to do with an involvement in a notion, which is incorrect, that we are somehow disenfranchised, not worthy, or not lovable.  Because we do not have a lot of love, it might also make us feel we are not worthy of material abundance and so we struggle with that as well.  We all want good things, but we still have hurdles erected in our way that keep that from happening.

The way out is to change how you feel.  Part of this is being able to recognize where these problems are and WHAT they are.  This can be hard because lack of love in our lives is very hard to face.  Its hard to face that WE were the ones that barred ourselves from wonder and beauty and the joy and bliss that love can bring.  Why would we EVER do such a thing to ourselves?  Philip in his gospel (gnostic) describes how these things make us do what we do not want to do and keeps us from doing what we want to do.  His prescription is not just to trim the vine but to reach into its root and pull it out entire.  Once this is done, the self is free from the problem that this issue or position represented.
But how do we deal with this stuff if we don’t know how to get to it, if its partially subconscious?
First, I suggest that you realize or know (even if taken on faith) that inside of you is a sleeping giant, capacities you have not yet realized you have because perhaps you have identified with the individual self so much that this other side of you have had little room to shine through.  Second, there is a part of you which can aid you in letting go of these thorny issues and its what I called the “Watcher” for a long time because of how it felt.  I have since learned that its better known as the “Observer.”  When I experienced the Observer, I noted just how detached it was from all outcomes, from all positions in my life.  It was as if someone had jumped into me who stood there looking around trying to figure out what all the hub-bub was all about.  Imagine stepping into an office and hearing people all chattering about what so-and -so did and how this upset someone and….and have you ever wondered why on earth the people were so engaged in such stuff?  This part of you is like this, except it brings a sense of detachment from all your issues, and it is this sense of detachment that has given me the ability to step back from the root of this vine Philip mentions long enough to realize how unnecessary something in my inner life was.

I will give you an example of this in motion.  Back this past Spring I was struggling with a bunch of stuff that I had dealt with my whole life.  I have been in the midst of a divorce from a person who had demonized me, used my kids in a way that felt particularly manipulative and unkind.  I felt how unfair it was that this person’s own need to make me out to be the bad guy was so over powering that she felt she should inculcate my children in such bad behavior.  It just felt horrible.  It also kept me in a space where I was energized by the bad behavior.  Its a bit like a bunch of kids who need to have the last word….and in so doing, they simply keep the argument alive and the deeper issue of the karma going in a way that is like a giant loop.  There IS no resolution.  People wont offer you resolution always.  People will be who they are based on what you attracted in the first place.  So the answer meant that I had to search inside myself to remove the thorn so I would no longer react to it.  Boy, how do you do that? Hard. Everything in my emotional make up said you did not just walk away….this was just not RIGHT!

When the Observer stepped in, there I was, all knotted up in tears. It looked around and wondered what the problem was.  Instantly I could feel its calm, and a part of me deeper down calmed down also.  Why was I so upset? I realized I had been the scapegoat all my life, even as a kid.  The reason came from me, I knew, since the Law of Attraction works perfectly.  But what would lead to that?  I was always blamed for things, even as a kid.  I was often spanked for things I had no earthly idea why it was happening.  The thing was, I had a giant target painted on me that attracted a certain type of person who could not resist shooting at that target.  None of this was fair, certainly, but I was the one attracting it.

It resolved around a past life involving the Inquisition.  I had been a priest in a village when the Inquisition rode into town.  Because I had issues concerning allegiance within the church, I did not stand up and say “No!” to what the church chose to do to my people.  While it was probably true that I could have died myself for standing in their way, the guilt that I bore from NOT standing up far outweighed any issue concerning my own physical welfare.  People died and suffered as a result of my being involved in a chain of command.  While I was not directly responsible for the suffering that came upon my people, I bore the guilt of never having stood up like I felt I should have.  And I carried that guilt around for lifetimes.  It was a pain that I began to feel when my own awakening began to take a more intense turn after several years.  Suddenly my heart center felt as if it had a rocky outer core, like a hard husk that my heart would rub up against with every heart beat.  This was a constant pain that I had no memory or knowledge of.  It led directly to all of my scapegoating issues and it all resolved around guilt and hurt that I could not let go of.

When I saw the images of the Inquisitor riding up to me on that day, I watched in relative detachment as I saw what the genesis was for this event. I was shown that this had to do with an edict that was sent down my the church and it involved the Inquisition.  I didn’t really need to know all of this since at the time what was taking place was a form of inner alchemy.  The memory show that the past was the past.  This was from another lifetime.  It was time to let it go.  It was time to forgive myself.  When I did, I felt all those memories rise up and out of me like bubbles rising above you as you swim in the water.  They just disappeared and broke the surface and were gone.  For as much pain as I felt in my heart, it had now resolved into something completely different.  It was now joy beaming from my heart.  I had carried this around for a long time.  The presence of the Observer was enough to loosen me inwardly so I could just let go of this age old problem and it did.  After this, I felt differently.  I no longer felt disempowered when someone tried to say something untrue or incorrect about me. I could stand in my own truth and not feel how I had felt before, which actually had an air of suspiciousness about it.  I was a skape-goat because I was not resolved about this inner issue and it probably showed.  Somehow, I was guilty.  The thing is, though, most of what I was blamed for, I wasn’t guilty for.  Perhaps my voice was just too shrill in protest.  Deeper down I was not settled, and it showed and people could feel it.

Using the Observer as a way to release is a very useful way to loosen the cords.  Letting go is complete. Its not the idea of letting go, it is a complete and unequivocal surrender of all of it.  Once done, the issue is gone forever.

Another way of dealing with this material is through intent.  The surface or particle self might not KNOW how to let go, but there are parts of you that DO know how.  By calling upon your own higher power to help you in healing this, it can be done.  Ask to be led, and be willing to follow the higher self’s lead.  You can ask the universe for help, it doesn’t even need to be directed toward anyone in particular.  As you seek so shall you find.  And if you remain open to the possibility that change could come, it opens the door that much wider for it to happen.

You can seed your subconscious with your intent before going to bed, telling yourself that your dream self will help you in resolving the issue, to help in releasing what is causing you trouble.  The way forward is to a love you may not have allowed yourself to feel, and it would be very good to be able to feel this bestowal in your own body.  Affirmations also help because they help to change the negative programming in your mind and emotions.  You ARE worth being loved, you ARE worthy of a good life. No one is keeping you from this.  There is a lovely party going on upstairs and you simply have to lay your burden down in order to climb those stairs!

You do not need to know what is wrong. Something deeper does.  Ask the universe for forgiveness. Ask humbly.  “I do not know how to fix this….I ask for your forgiveness” and because you and the universe ARE one and the same, you ARE asking yourself AND the Deity for forgiveness.  Whatever it is that you did, the pain, the years of hurt, the reactionary behavior, the defensiveness, all arose out of that fundamental kink in you that now needs to be healed.  By no longer trying to wrestle with it yourself you offer it up to the universe.  I was made aware of a powerful method for healing by Alison Neville, a gifted intuitive who is involved in healing work of all kinds.  She discovered the work that is done by the Hawaiians called Ho’oponopono.  It has only recently come to light and is now being practiced by many people with great results.  Until last night, I wrestled a little with the concept.
Ho’oponopono was brought to the world’s attention by the Hawaiian healer Morrnah Nalamuku Simeona.  It was through her that Joe Vital found out about this method and made it more widely available.  Since then, a local practitioner of the method has found ways to simplify it so that it can be practiced by anyone without the need of a mediator.  Dr Hu Lin learned of this method as a result of having his daughter healed by Simeona.

It has to do with how what we see in our lives is a mirror of something in us that is not healed that causes the problems we face.  In a dramatic and powerful demonstration of the power that this method has, I turn to Dr Hu Lin.  Dr Lin was reasonable for high security for hospitals in Hawaii that house the criminally insane.  These are killers, and rapists.  These were people who had to be medicated and restrained.  Dr. Lin was asked if he could come help with the problem that this group of very hardened people represented for the staff at the hospital.  Dr. Lin was hesitant, and chose to use Ho’oponoponopo while he looked at the files for each of the inmates.  He didn’t even go to the hospital to do this, but did so from a distance.  He practiced this healing method over the files. Within a few years, all of the members who had been prayed over using Ho’oponoponopo were no longer in restrains and all of them were released to less violent hospitals.  The hospital itself was closed as a result of this healing act.  All of this is well documented with witnesses.  What Dr. Lin explained was that he was less seeking to heal the other people as much as he was healing himself, the part of himself that was creating, attracting this event and the people involved, in his life.  By healing this part of himself, it also healed the other people.  This explains how powerful this method is for making change, and for healing. 

When WE change, the world changes also.  While it can be difficult to reason how this could happen, its a fundamental element involving the Law of Attraction.  Everyone you know currently mirrors something in you that is unhealed.  By not wishing to know WHAT is unhealed, but by simply asking forgiveness, you provide the room for the universe to heal you.  In so doing, what was an issue is also healed. You simply are no longer mirroring that in others as well as yourself.
I can see quite clearly that as I heal myself, the type of students I have also change.  In the beginning, the students engaged in what I felt was unfair behavior.  Once I healed that, the type of student I had was also changed.  I went from struggling to feeling free, feeling like what I was trying to teach would not be looked at with skepticism but accepted more as a viable possibility.  Now my students are of a different caliber than before.  I get more involvement, more enthusiasm, and better work.  My relationship with coworkers has also changed.  I continue to change, heal, and so does the world around me. 

Why I wrestled with HOW Ho’oponopono works I am not sure.  I had examples of how this shifts your world right in front of me!  But in those moments when you can step outside of all your hot button issues, you can feel what it feels like to be free.  Suddenly the universe isn’t this thing that is out to get you, but is merely reflecting back to you perfectly.  It might be hard to believe this is so, but if you give it room to resolve in your awareness, you can begin to see how everything works this way.  By ceasing the rationalizing, you can be free to accept its something you cannot heal, you can leave it up to something that is infinitely more capable of helping you.

For an article on some background on this method go here.

The problem I often have with how typical awakenings are dealt with is that they often do not address the healing side of the equation.  How do we release those hard knots within?  As long as we remain knotted up, it affects our ability to feel the divine flow. It distorts the energy somewhat.  Sure, the universe is pouring through us, but its like a window that has smears across its surface.  Clearing away the smears, the light shines clearly.  Some of our assumptions about this light are enlarged, seen more clearly, and we are less troubled and more free to soar.  Feeling the universe rushing through you is a marvelous thing.  Being able to remove the blocks that attenuate its rush is an equally marvelous thing.  As you heal yourself, you change your life and you also change the world around you.  That is nothing short of amazing.

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