Friday, March 30, 2012

The Shift

On a larger mass scale, worldwide, there is a shift that has mirrored our own individual shift and greater numbers are beginining to experience what this shift means.

Everyone has their pet ways to describe this.  Because it comes from a world of formlessness, beyond the material, yet strikes and becomes part of our world, we are left with trying to cobble something together to try and understand just what this process is.  In truth, its just a feeling.  Just a way to feel and to be (albeit in a revolutionary way).  Since I was shown early on in my awakening how this energy behaves the same way that atomic particles do in quantum physics, and since I have observed that as each particle builds within me and reaches a certain threshold where certain phenomenon begin to exhibit themselves (which are exactly the same as the quirkly behavior of the waveform in physics), I have called these two main focuses of consciousness as essentially being “Particle” and “Wave.”

Our Need To Control

Worldwide there has been an effort on the part of a few to push for a globalist agenda.  It was spoken about by George Bush Sr. as the “New World Order” and has since been changed to globalism because those who were awake and aware began to point to at as still more evidence of an effort to create a system controlled by an elite few in finance and business, what some call the puppet masters.  All of this gets drenched in fear over what this is all about, but its very simple and its about control.  The individual or what I call the Particle self, along with ego, wants to control everything.  The Waveform Awareness is different.  Since it touches upon the higher ranges of our consciousness, it has a different way of effecting events and outcomes.  Since it is tied to a more divinely realized part of our being, its agenda is different.  As each person awakens, there is a sense of a growing Wave of awareness that goes beyond your mere self and connects into still larger parts of our being as a planetary consciousness….which in turn is tied into everything that IS. Its all connected.  But the Particle self does not see this.  To the Particle, it only believes that IT alone can effect change.  The problem we have had, is that while tied up in this form of awareness, we can be blinded to the larger realm of our awareness as Wave.

Enter The Wave

For centuries, millennia, we have as a species been struggling with these elements. Slowly but surely, we have been moving into this Wave.  Now we have a situation where Awakenings are actually becoming common place.  This is a very good thing.  As this builds steam, still more are pushed within the collective being to a place where they are ripe for this to happen.  Its not just happening with a certain type of person only.  Its happening in a much broad based way.  Its happening in Christian circles (some are quite scared by it…not having enough information about this phenomenon) and its also happening to actors (Jim Cary is one who had his brush with nondual awareness) and lawyers, road crew workers, plumbers, artists, and philosophers. The tide is rising and it is lifting all boats.
Still, though, there is a tide of the old way of being that is working hard to exert control, and I think this is natural.  Just as the individual who is going through an awakening, so is the species as a whole struggling with what this all means…moving between letting go to holding on for dear life.  Its a struggle between striking the balance between the particle and wave.  It seems like a dual thing, but what I write about is that this is birthing a new arrangement of self, of being both individually and en mass, both a particle AND a wave.  If you can learn how to surrender to this still larger sense of self and being, if you can just trust that everything is going to be alright without the need to drag the ego and individual into the center of things all the time, you can begin to taste the fruits of an expanding sense of self and reality.  The more room we give it, the more it will manifest here on the planet.  The way you do this is a simple act of intention.  You don’t even need to know how its done.  The Wave naturally comes in as you let go.  What is happening on the smaller scales is also happening at the larger.

None of this is fated in the sense that there is a WAY that its all going to go down, but already there are some things, that if true, are amazing developments that could break down the old order both without as well as within.

Evidence of A Crack In The Fascade

Very recently there was an odd event that took place that involved trillions of dollars worth of US bonds that someone sought to sell in Europe.  This was huge in the sense that either these bonds were real and someone was seeking to DUMP them or they were forgeries.  In either case, the only entities with the technology to create such forgeries or to hold that many bonds would be a government, sources have reasoned.  This involved some people trying to cross the border into Italy to try and sell these bonds.  Its interesting that in Italy there is a bank that has been connected to having been a known launderer of massive amounts of ill gotten gains in the past, and this bank is the Vatican Bank.  Now all of this is speculative, and there is a giant multi-country lawsuit at the bottom of this event that seeks to bring out into light what may well be evidence of these elites in a scheme that has been long standing and that connects quite possibly to those in finance, which also includes the US Federal Reserve, which is itself a PRIVATE bank that also serves the US govt. in making money.  Behind its money making work, its also another bank that makes giant loans to other banks worldwide.  Since they have never been audited, we don’t know what kinds of loans or accounting measures have been taken since its inception in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act here in the US.  What some suspect is that those who seek control are themselves wealthy bankers who are also into all kinds of business dealings.  The Vatican Bank was known to have laundered vast sums for the Nazi regime.  This is not merely a rumor, but is known as a fact.  They took hundreds of millions in ill gotten gains from this regime in order to launder it, to make it all appear to be “good” money again.  Realize, one of the chief mechanisms for making bad money good is through a bank.  We trust banks, and what better way to do this than through banks that are themselves not accountable to anyone else….just the way the secretive Federal Reserve is in the U.S.  What this lawsuit seems to attempt to do is to bring to light the secretive dealings that have been going on for a long time and for a chosen few at the expense of many. Its a complicated issues that makes many eyes glaze over in the process, but in the end its really just about control.

This control is being put under threat by growing awareness on the part of the public.  Governments keep trying to institute draconian measures to fight some new threat.  IN the U.S. its terrorism.  Before terrorism, it was the Red Scare or the Cold War.  In Nazi Germany, the Reichstag or German Parliament was set fire and this allowed Hitler to institute what amounted to military law and he was given dictatorial powers.  We all know how this went down.  But it has been through these events of threat/solution that we have been offered up some sense of security in the face of such supposed threats. Very recently Obama signed an Act that gave him the power to decide who was and was not a terrorist.  It allows for no due process, and those deemed terrorists can also be executed.  Even more recently Obama signed an Executive Order that gave him and the government unlimited power to seize control over ALL resources of the United States.  This is so broad it means EVERYTHING.  Transportation, food stocks, factories, and even work force/labor.  All he needs to do is call a state of emergency, then he can institute martial law and he claims his unlimited powers which he bestowed to himself.  Understand, this has nothing whatever to do with any Congressional process. Concurrent with this was a meeting that Leon Panetta had before a Congressional Committee wherein he brazenly said that the military in conjunction with the U.N. and other interested nations would TELL the Congress that it was doing in regards to war or other efforts abroad.  The Chair of the Committee was dumbfounded;  did Panetta actually believe that he could skirt the Democratic process in this way?  Apparently so.  And its about control.  The powers that be have been very busy lately, and things seem to be coming to a head.

For as complex as this all is, its just the species coming to terms with something that is happening individually and as a group, which is a struggle between what the individual’s need for control over the Collective Soul taking away the illusion of control in favor of something still larger and remarkable for the species as a whole.  As a result, the more we can serve our divinity, the more we can serve this growing wave, the more there will be a broader support beneath the foundations of power of the elite few to change the landscape of all of this.  The ONLY way that the old regime works is if we show up and act scared and seek their solution.  When we no longer act in fear, the old solutions are seen for what they are, an effort to control.  As this happens, concerned people in higher places such as countries, banking institutions and more begin to change their old modes of feeling and acting and want to cleave more to what this Wave has always suggested or engendered. Freedom.  We are each of divine lineage, we are each sovereign beings.  There is nothing to fear in this.  We are becoming.  And as we do, some pretty amazing things will happen that are not about control but about what is right in the larger scheme.

The Way Through

The way through this is not in fear, but in trust that this Wave will grow.  The odd thing about it is we cannot at the same time worry that it WONT grow while seeking to get it to grow. Its a real deep-down sense of surrender. But when we do that, the individual steps aside some and allows this quantum field to step in more and more.  And every butterfly wing beating will shift the sands of the Sahara ever so slightly until we see landslides. This is at the present, the only thing that will help bring a broad-based sense of sanity to our world.  It is also our evolutionary heritage. By living this, anchoring this awareness in your own life, we each change the world in little ways. But by BEING this, it will naturally effect our behavior and this becomes like a tsunami wave.  If you have ever sen a tsunami, most of them aren’t very big waves at all.  Most are maybe six to nine feet waves that rush up onto shore.  But because its so broad, it can wipe out whole coast lines and wash them out to sea. To see a tsunami coming, it looks so harmless, but its not.

We can’t push this wave. We must embody it. We must be the channels for it, and only in this way will it grow in force.  Its not something that we even intend to do.  That belongs to the Particle Awareness.  In that mode, its what we do that matters.  IN this other mode, its what we don’t do that gives the wave the force that will help it to bring change.  Its hard to wrap your head around sometimes, but its like harnessing forces beyond yourself, the Collective, by just letting it to have the room to inhabit you.  Then, once the wave has built in strength, its far too strong to be effected by much else.  This is the ultimate grass roots effect or effort.  It taps the power of the quantum field.  its perfect for where we are now because what else CAN you do when the world is being run by these egomaniacs who are bent on controlling things the way THEY want to?  While surrender may go against everything you have been taught to do, realize that what you have been taught has been how to manipulate your environment through the individual effort. The way things are right now, we would need incredibly organized and orchestrated efforts to turn the tide.  Its possible that the race can become more unified through this field.  We can trust that the field knows what its doing and will bring us our highest.  This means a radical shift from the way you might have learned to be.  Its a balance, I think, learning how to allow a little of this surging tsunami within to gurgle up within you.  By letting go you surrender to a massive wave of bliss on the individual level.  You also give more room in this reality for something different to happen.  Doing this also means that you do not worry if your neighbor awakens.  This is all a choice, even if the gurus say we have no choice.  Deeper down, you have always had a choice, and it is so simple, it eludes most people.  Just as we feel victim to our upbringing and our karmas, all of this was the result of a choice….many of which you aren’t even ware of ever having made. But this is your invididual self saying you are limited and thus cannot have such control to decide. But you did. You are a giant inside, you are just waking up to it. No matter what a million yogis or masters of the universe say, we are learning more about this Awakening issue than ever before.  We are not the yogis of four thousand years ago.  We are the masters of today, and life is very different.  We do not have temples and ashrams.  We have jobs and texting and t.v.’s and all sots of media yelling at us.  And we are ourselves changing.  We are learning about how we effect the physical world through the quantum field. Its real, its not pie in the sky imaginary stuff.  Learning to trust and to flow with this field will bring miracles.

An Example of How The Wave Works Miraculously

I am writing a book.  I reached a stage where I began to bring in some other sources to help illuminate my thesis more.  People seem to need these other authorities still, so I am including them.  However, I have not sought most of my sources in the usual way.  My sources have come to me through the channels of synchronistic events, coincidences.  All seem entirely out of my control.  In one case I was going to look for a book in a library and picked up on book whose title seemed interesting to me but that I had no plan on checking out.  When I looked through it, I realized it had no bearing on what I was doing at the time.  The night before I had to take the book back, I flipped through the book and opened to a random page.  There, at the bottom of the page was an account of healing being described by the author that perfectly explained the elements that I was at that time working with in my book.  Out of an entire book there was this one paragraph passage that the author innocently recounted that had nothing to do with illustrating the same issue I was dealing with in my book.  The account was described in a more innocent way, never focusing on the one element that was crucial in my book work.  The next day I was sitting with a friend who had also had kundalini a few years before and out of the blue she mentioned how she was reading a book by an animal behaviorist that turned out to be the exact  same issue I was currently dealing with in the book work.  I had not even mentioned anything related to the issues that were contained in the book my friend mentioned in our short chat.  This is how these events happen to me now.  They seem to my ego to be utterly rediculous and impossible, but what I know now is that it is merely the power of the Wave bringing into my life those things that I need most at that time.  While these are called “synchronicities” they now happen with amazing frequency.  Its efectively learning to move mountains by simply asking.  If you are aligned within yourself, then the wave will come and bring you like a tsunami, the things you need. It SEEMS its beyond your control….and perhaps in a round about way, it is, but its a different way of going about effecting change. The hard part is that you have to be clear within for this to happen. There can’t be barriers in the way.  Once you can let these go within you, you can literally magnetize the universe to behave in the way you most need it to.  Right now, getting this book done is very important, so a lot of the “miraculous” is happening centered around that.  I also pray for the old memes to fall worldwide.  I pray and intend that the need for control to crumble to give way to this still larger thing that is growing within all of us.

I promise it is in you.  Its an amazing brilliant part of what you are, and when you feel it moving it will change your life.  Its not dependant on any belief or dogma, although it can be colored by these things and we can also shutter our awareness with these memes and beliefs.  But as we let drop all our postures and positions and consider we are more like children with a divine parent now holding our hand, we can learn to trust what this divine parentage means to us here now.

This is a quantum jump, no doubt, and there is no other way around it except to consider the way is not around but through it.  The only thing you have to lose is lifetimes of fear and anxiety and hurt and trauma. The world is changing.  We are changing.  A little surrender can go a long way. In the meantime, I seek to bring just as much of this cosmic juice into the world as I can.  To sit here and radiate with this love and compassion and intent that things will move according to plan.


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