Friday, March 30, 2012

Letting Go

I have written on my other blog about the nature of how consciousness works, or at least one aspect. I think its an important one because it can lead to powerful change in one’s life.  The concept here is that consciousness has a duality of sorts, and it mirrors the particle/wave duality seen in physics.  Imagine that all you have known in your life has been the result of your individual or particalized awareness.  Within this well defined soap bubble, or particle of being, are all your memories, all your experiences, and all of your feelings about how everything has gone down. In this soap bubble, others’ awareness does not enter in, nor does the universe impinge upon your awareness.  Further, your beliefs about how things are based on your experience tells you that you are a nice soap bubble and nothing more.  The world happens to you.  You are the result of random chemical reactions in the physical universe.  At a certain point, though, something happens.  You reach a place where your individual bubble looks for more, aware subconsciously that there IS more, and the thin wall that separates you from the universe wears thin.  At a point this wall breaks down and you become aware of the universe rushing in. Perhaps more truthfully, your own bubble merges with a larger aspect of itself, with other bubbles, other particles, and this results in forming a wave.  Up to this point, your focus on your individuality, so persistent, has excluded anything like this from happening but now you can feel beyond your bubble to a much larger aspect of your being which seems or feels very different.

You are suddenly a drop in a vast ocean, a giant wave of awareness. You are able to become more than you were before. This is not some ego trip, but a simple aspect of your being that simply was never experienced.  As you do this, as you align to the universe, all of the issues within your individual self that are not in harmony or alignment with this larger universal consciousness, are stirred up, made more obvious.  Your awareness grows about these “problems” within the individual self.  They can be translated as pain or tension.  Its like walking into a room and hearing two people singing. One person has perfect pitch, will always have perfect pitch, and this other self, which is your individual self, is off key.  When you hear this happening, it becomes incredibly obvious.  Prior to this, though, you were happily singing off key and not realizing that you were “off” by a little. The presence of this universal self who has perfect pitch makes you more aware of where you are of on the perfect harmony with the higher awareness.  This is what an awakening does.  It points these things out, and if you are brave and willing, you can release these disharmonious elements in order to learn to become something more than when all of this started.

Doing this requires an act of inner alchemy.  How do you do this?  Many know its releasing old patterns, but its not always widely understood.  Its possible, I think, that much of it is not something you work through but that you simply do. Its not a thinking thing, not something you parse like so much data.  It not mental. Its reaching into your more emotional feeling self for those things that have hung you up time and time again but that you were powerless or unaware of how to change.  When you release these notions and feelings about how the world is or how YOU are, something magical happens. Like layers of clothing, these things you thought defined you and made you what you were, slip away in the night.  Ego has a real problem with this, but as you let it slip into the background, it becomes easier to let it all go. When this does, something that had been with you forever is now gone.  Maybe its a recurring theme in your relationships that keeps you in a state of dissatisfaction over how the people wind up being.  Or it might be something related to abundance in your life.  It could be any number of things.  Ultimately, it all resolves back to self love. When you can love yourself, you can love more perfectly because being the universe as well as your individual self, you can begin to mirror this love in the universe in which you find yourself.  It might seem magic, but its a simple law of the universe that the universe will mirror back to you what you presently have within you.  When you let go of something for good, the universe is now reflecting based on fewer problems in the self and more of what the universe is, or can be for you as your universal self steps forward.

This is an important aspect that I am dealing with in the book I am writing Waking The Infinite.  How do we help ourselves to reach this place of perfect pitch?  How do we learn how to feel differently so we can release what we have for so long been attached to?  By letting go, we are able to finally find what is the best for us, and as we do, the world resolves from a world of hurt, to a world of love.  This is not a love that is predicated on anything, but is the very fabric of the universe.  Its about growing up in a real sense, to see what its like to take on the “adult” self which is this universe that is full of this love and that fills you with such bliss upon awakening.  This energy becomes unzipped, releasing orgasmic energy throughout the whole body.  It changes the physiology, and it offers a new way to be.  Its less that its just sexual as sexuality is but one aspect of this energy, which is at its root creative, and creativity has always been something that was meant to be pleasurable.  It is this because it is in perfect alignment with the universe.  Certainly you can create horrors, but you have the freewill to create based on something more in alignment with the light that shines in us all.  Shadow causes us problems, light brings us to fulfillment and peace.  The task is letting go of the things, the shadow, which always results in still more shadow (the law of attraction at work).  By bringing in more light, more light is attracted.  And so this builds to the degree that the individual self is able to let go and surrender to this vast realm of being. When we do, a new world emerges.  The world literally begins to look and act differently.  Aren’t we all seeing the same world?  I don’t think so.  And I don’t think its JUST how we feel that makes the difference, but how we change frequency and thus are freed up to see still larger dimensions of being right in front of us.  This, I suspect, is the essence of all of this 2012 stuff.  Its reaching a point of critical mass where human kind has on offer a new world within and without….realizing all along that there was no difference between the world and us.  We ARE the world and the world is us.  As a result, when you change yourself, you change the world.


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