Friday, March 16, 2012

Particle/Wave Duality

I don’t do a lot of reading on other traditions (this is changing as I do read bits an pieces here and there as I write my book) I have spent much of my life keeping away from such sources, and in the midst of what is happening now, that impulse I have had in keeping away from traditions has been made clear now.  It isn’t that I haven’t read up on some of the material, because I have.  I am writing this book and to some extent I have had to look into other traditions in order to highlight the process of how we can bias ourselves in the midst of awakening, which is itself an effort to continue to winnow the chaff from the wheat.  its not that other traditions are somehow false or incorrect, but that in most traditions bias enters in, and by being AWARE of how this happens, we can use the past as a way for understanding how we in the present can prejudice and blind ourselves to the potential that the moment has for bringing into the moment a new creation.  One of these that I talk about a lot is how we have swept the feminine under the rug.  This isn’t rocket science, and yet it continues in many traditions today because of the blinders that their proponents have.  I am not here to bash, but to winnow.  This is how we resolve into a similar way of understanding ourselves and  that awakened state that is our fundamental being.

As a result of my experience, I have seen how what I have been through applies to the notion of the particle and wave as a kind of image, a way of understanding.  Its simple, and it also can be observed in the physical and spiritual.  It also happens that the realm of the particle tends to be downplayed by many in the eastern traditions and you can see this reflected in westerners who have adopted the teachings and outlook.  However, I think something very important is being glossed over, and it will lead us to a more rapid state of healing if we can move forward in a more unified way within ourselves.  The particle or individual awareness is seen as transitory, while the wave, or “I Am” awareness is not.  This is the big me and little me concept, and the little me is considered to be part of the world of objects, of manifestation, and this is said to be illusion.  I think this is a mistake. As an artist, I know that our expression of our higher self comes about as a result of creation.  At the crossroads of the small and larger self, we can merge in acts of creativity.  The world came into being as the result of a creative act.  Children are born and lives are made possible through a creative act (lovemaking).  We bring our higher self into the moment when we create art….be it music, dance, sculpture, photography, painting, or any number of disciplines or forms of expression.  We also do this in non-art ways.  Its a fundamental part of who we are. And it is this part of us that seems to me to be glossed over by other traditions. In Christianity we are seen as fallen beings, unworthy of the kingdom.  In the Hindu, it is the false self.  This thread of loathing happens in subtle and overt ways, and we wind up missing something important in the process.  By learning to bring ourselves into a unity, we can utilize the maurity present in the wave to reform the particle self which some would say is transitory and only here when we are alive.  It misses the fact that each self created goes on to live and be beyond this life.  It also misses that the fundamental nature of consciousness is to create.  We can’t help but do it.  We actually experience incredible bliss when we create.  When we get great ideas, we feel a high.  When we are in the grooove and creating something new, we feel this bliss, even if its for a moment.  Artists live for this state, and they often describe them as “epiphanies” wherein they feel at once-ness with the world.  Time drops away as their hands make the shuttle fly or the paintbrush move.  The small and large self sync up and work together in a way that creates.  When we make love, we are filled with a delicious energy that can be released throughout our entire being, from body all the way to the tip top and outermost realms of our awareness.  Its electric and alive, and if you go through awakening its as though this seemingly transitory orgasmic energy becomes anchored in you as you teeter on the edge of its orgasmic potential in each and every moment that you are able to ride the wave that catapults your particle self and wave form self into a unity.

Much of this is what I cover in my book.  I think its important, and it doesn’t get talked about.  Being able to remove the things withing the smaller particle self in order that it can better rest atop the crest of the wave of divine potential is everything that my own experience is about.  At each step of the way I do not become some purer and purer being.  I become more aware of the tides, the winds, the passionate interplay of cosmic energy through all form, through the universe.  I can feel myself literally vibrate in bliss as I feel myself aware that it can be anywhere it wishes, can do whatever it wishes and yet, it is also here, experiencing what “I” am experiencing in this moment as I learn how to become untangled from those things that limit my experience of the bliss.  I feel the stag in rut, the ox pulling the plow, drenched in pure sexual energy as its seemingly lower nature is being harnessed by the higher self, the ploughman, to direct that powerful energy toward good…toward something meaningful and creative.  Maybe its tilling crops, maybe its creating a powerful art work, or an idea that will change how we do things technologically, or it might be unto itself as simply that powerful bliss felt in the moment, not needing to do anything but to simply BE this blissfield of masculine in the most ancient of dances.

As we learn how to heal, we will make a better place here, for as seemingly inconsequential as here might seem to some, for as illusory as here is, it still will hold a given vibration and stay there until we release those layers that we all hold.  As you and I and everyone else awake begins to shed those layers, we have a very real effect upon the rest of humankind.  I will say that it leads to more awakenings in others.  Seemingly invisible triggers or thresholds are passed and our awakening burgeons those of others.  It does so because we are all connected.  From the inside out this happens.  So as you shift and move and change, it also shifts the world of things inwardly.  Its as though your stuff, your karma, is a bag packed into a luggage hold in a giant ship. You remove that baggage or shift it in some way, and it might cause others to tumble down the giant pile.  It might only be a small change, but it affects the All.  As more and more do this, the whole picture changes.  Little wonder that awakenings now are becoming so much more commonplace. I think its a fabulous time to be alive.  A real corner stone events!  And to this end, we all can help each other with our own perspective.  We can all aid in spreading love and compassion, the bliss field that we are each experiencing and unfolding within.  And as we do this, we realize that all of this is a creation subject to FREE WILL.  Creation is itself a choice.  This is where the individual comes in.  This is not just nothing.  Its about learning about the consequences of our choices.  We could have wiped ourselves of the map with nuclear bombs.  Somehow, we have managed NOT to do that.  This was the result of many choices made over time.  As we evolve, still greater challenges emerge and we have to grapple with how we are going to deal with them.  What about GMO seeds and this whole problem of gene splicing that is entering so hot and heavy?  Will we allow this to go forward in a way that it threatens the integrity of the life forms that have evolved slowly over time in a dynamic system that has had millions of years tied up in it instead of a few years’ worth of pride and avarice attached?  Its all creative.  And in your own life there are choices made that have ripple effects, and what it is in you that leads you to those choices can also lead you to those parts that have blinders on, or that creates in a way that is less aware of the larger implications.  And it just might be that some unresolved hurt in your field simply limits your feeling that bliss in a clearer and more direct way.  This lead to the alchemy of the self, and I hope that I can be of some assistance in this regard.


©Parker Stafford

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