Saturday, March 10, 2012

Its Really (Really) There!

I really like Melody Sheep, the name for an effort on behalf of its creator to take the discourses and talks by great minds to turn them into musical compositions.  By using digital tech., the artist is able to "pitch" people's speech in order to make the talk into music.  And here is where the fun begins.

I don't think anyone has a monopoly on brilliant ideas.  Brilliance comes from every corner of our beings, be it spiritual, or scientific...because we are all one big interconnected being and every part is as relevant as the other. Its when we wind up relying on only one aspect of ourselves as THE answer that we can get into trouble.  This is what makes some of our leading scientific minds  so inspiring.  Carl Sagan expressed a wonder and awe over what the physical universe has done in creating life on this planet.  He saw or seemed to sense a real interconnectivity in all things....from matter to consciousness.  He fought to resist the tide of fear and myth in our coming to a better understanding through science of our universe.  Here, life, a product of the universe, could expand and become what it was perhaps destined to become, a space-faring adventurous aspect of this cosmos.  So given all of that preamble, I give you a wonderful video created by Melody Sheep about how everything is connected....

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