Friday, March 30, 2012

Voice of the White Lodge

A long time ago all races were known to form a cross where all people were one.  All differences were respected, revered. We are all one family here.  Attempts to divide out one group from another happen all the time, but we are all of one blood with many currents with that blood. Let us revere those currents but also not get hung up on the differences.  For surely, those differences we have at some time worn.

Amongst the People of this land, it has been long known that the earth moves through cycles.  This is why the circle has been so important a symbol.  Instead of seeing a beginning and end, sort of like how a pencil has a beginning and an end, if we see life as a circle, then endings become beginnings, and beginnings share something with endings.  These points on a circle become these transitional points were we move upward through the circle of life which is itself like a spiral....round and round we go and upwards we travel as we grow and learn and become.  We all have these cycles in our bodies, our spirits and minds.  The earth has her cycles too.  I was told that there was going to be an event here on this earth a very long time ago.  It was funny how it was given to me, but it was a message from a past life to a future one.  I literally peered down through time in a kind of portal that took me to a past life event where I was sitting atop a mountain doing something called "crying for a vision."  This was what many different native groups did to seek guidance in their lives. They sought the guidance within that place where the creator, the Great Mystery, emerges in the self.  Often, this means a kind of disassociated state, like a trance.  Some would fast and drum and pray.  Some would dig pits to sit in to act like a cradle but also a way to deprive the senses of feedback.  This often would result in visions and guidance from the spirit world. 

I was shown by beings in a large storm that the world would be going through a cleansing, a shift in its energy.  It has taken me a long time to reach a place where I have been able to better understand this experience, this vision which was also a memory from the past.  The Thunder Beings revealled something not just about the world, but also about myself.  It has been a very long-lived puzzle, but has pointed to what is there for me to realize within myself.  It was itself a hidden gift that I could not see until now...and like buds on a tree that have been long silent and seemingly dead, the leaves begin to grow and branch out....

Our world is going through a change.  The Native people have spoken of this as a time of cleansing.  Others, like the Hopi, speak of a shift from one world to another.  There are stories of the earth actually moving in its orbit to be closer to the sun.  Further, the Hopi have explained that this is what has been happening for a very long time....There are numerous stories that seek to conceptualize this change which will happen with Mother Earth.  What needs I think to be understood is that as the earth goes through changes, so do you.  And in the same way, your own change further pushes her change.  We are a part of this.  By choosing joy instead of fear, we can be a part of a more vibrant energy that we are being steered towards by forces much stronger than we.

It is time to forgive yourself for seeking something that you were never able to find.  Its time to let that past go and seek a new future.  This new future will have you finding the love that is in the universe inside of you.  When you let go all the things that tie you to a love THROUGH another, you will best be able to become invested in this inner love.  This love will help heal you of the parts that tell you that you need a love from another.  By doing this, you can shed generations of pain and hurt that have become a part of you.  You will be shedding something that the earth is shedding.  This is perfect, for as the teaching comes to me to pass on to you the result is something truly remarkable.

In a way that we cannot quite understand right now through our lenses of hurt and pain, and fear, we are getting ready to slough off an old cocoon.  See, the thing is, the reason why so many are waking up is because the earth herself is waking up.  She is shedding all of this old stuff.  She is having to shed this stuff that we have ALL helped to create, and now she is going through a very real physical change.  The effect is also energetic.  Its at all levels that she is doing this. The way through this healing is with the alchemical action that is within each person for healing.  By bringing the masculine and feminine within to a unity, there is healing.  The masculine within can bear something that the feminine order to "conceive" of and understand.

In the old vision atop that hill, the Thunder Bird cleansed the earth of a dark cloud that hung around it, a kind of stain that was cleared.  The masculine brings a pure vibration of electrical energy that strikes to the very center of the earth and renews it, creating the means for it to slough off the old veils of conception.  When we can reach that place where we can feel the love within us that is the universe, we do not need to create such powerfully negative karmas in our lives that can be so hard to deal with.  Life will not be perfect because we are all learning.  Being compassionate and careful for all life here is a grace.  We are all learning to throw off this veil.  Some know this, while others are dreaming it.  It comes closer and closer to us each day.  There is a lot of talk about 2012, but this is merely the end of a long-cycle event.  We are all here for a reason, and we need not fret over what that all means.  The more you can find the peace within, the more you will understand what this time is all about.

By allowing old karmas to fall like old blankets, we will be more vulnerable, more naked than ever, but also no longer shackled by shame.  This is important.  We will find in our awakening that the earth will appear different.  And there is a reason for this.....

Earth is waking up.  She is pregnant.  She is going to give birth to a new consciousness.  It is what you are becoming inside.  We are all now swept by the current of this to greater and lesser degrees.  Some are here to witness.  Some are here to participate.  We all play parts.  We are all related.  We are all one big family.  This wont be merely a time of rainbows and light.  People will need to stand up for what they know is right, and to hold those powers that be responsible for coming along with them in this new journey.  The more we can help our brothers and sisters in government to understand that we are no longer fearful but ready for this leap, the less they will feel the need to hold onto the old ways as much. There is a great deal of fear being sown still, and we each should seek to heal that hurt and fear when we can. 

Every voice is important.  Each race is important.  Each tree and squirrel and bug and plant is important.  We will be able to see things in a very different way, and it is happening NOW.  There is a new earth waiting to be birthed.  The voices of each race, crossed, together, are more important now than ever.  The voices of the Yellow Lodge in the East, the Red Lodge in the South, the Black Lodge in the West, and the White Lode in the North.  We are all one family.  We are all one earth. 

The yellow lodge are those people who are the Asian races, the black lodge are those dark races from Africa, the red races are those who were native to North America, and the white were those races who were white. It has long been known that there were four of these lodges just as there are four directions.  It makes up the totality of our experience as a species. For a long time, the White Lodge has sat empty. It was said that the White Lodge would draw back its children into a cooperative hoop of being as all peoples would begin to learn to live at peace with the earth. 

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