Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Reality of Reality

Things are the way they are. We feed into those things that ARE with our own feelings and opinions and biases. Without always knowing it, we literally invest objects and events with our own notions of what we think they mean or how they feel to us.   As a result of this, reality is shaped not based on what IS but on what you THINK or believe is happening.  If you are unable to do the work to find out what is at the bottom of a given thing (say a religion, or even an event on the news such as an invasion of a country), others will do it for you.  There are agendas all over which seek to win you to their way of seeing things. This is the basis for propaganda and it was brought to a high art by Bernays, the nephew of Freud.  His understandings of how humans worked was used to sway opinion, change how people saw things and felt about them.  We hold any number of unresolved or unexamined biases or beliefs about a whole range of things and these will cause us to react or believe a certain way even absent knowing the truth for ourselves.

I will give you a very controversial example.

Very recently there was an effort to unseat Gaddafi, leader of Libya.  He was a bad man who deserved to be removed.  Any number of things were brought up about him, said about him and how bad he was in the media.  If you do the work to find out what he has done in his country you might find something that conflicts with the official story. Personally something smells fishy to me about this last ouster, and I think it was the result of a hard sell to the world of a vision of the man that may not have been on the up and up at all.

Gaddafi had an independent currency that was not tied to the debt cycle that is spreading over the globe.  To understand why this is so important means looking into how money is made, who profits, and how the institutions that do profit might be willing to go to any length to secure and then keep a currency under their control.There was also talk of Gaddafi beginning to use gold as a means of trade, something that was tied to something tangible, not just an idea of what wealth is (look up fiat money systems).  There were commentators on early in the effort who called this all a conspiracy against Gaddafi because of how he was going to change how oil was purchased, how the game was played.  We wanted to back it up with gold.  He provided checks to each of his citizens from oil royalties each year.  His oil fields were nationalized, under the control of HIS government.  He had some of the cheapest oil and gas prices in the world due to his negotiations with OPEC.  He provided free housing, education, and healthcare to his people.  He had begun a visionary project of “regreening” the African desert by bringing fossil water to his and surrounding countries in order that they might be able to grow affordable food for themselves instead of being dependent on other countries.  He also wanted to spread his philosophy of independence to other nations in Africa through an African Union.  Very recently Gaddafi was voted “Man of the Year” by his own people through Amnesty International.  Because this honor did not jive with the mainstream’s story about him, the honor was stricken, taken down, denied.  You can read about this if you’d like.  Google makes it easy.  Still.

There is something peculiar that happens in regards to our perceptions and beliefs.  We like to settle on something and then not have that change.  Its actually HARDER to change someone’s mind after they have been spoon fed a version of reality that isn’t true.  Those who understand how propaganda works know this.  Its been studied for years.  Much of it was sponsored by our government through a program called Project Paperclip which originally brought Nazi doctors and rocket scientists both to America and Canada.  We did this because if we didn’t, some reasoned, Russia would.  So we developed a mind control program with a net so wide in the U.S. that most people didn’t know about it until President Clinton came out to apologize to the victims of those programs during his administration. Untold thousands had been caught in this program, some knowingly, some unknowing.  Because of how bizzare some of it was, it was hard to believe anyone who had gone through such mental, emotional and even physical tortures.  Everyone believes their government only has their best interests at heart.  Because they operated in total secrecy, lawlessness abounded.  The information that was gleaned was accrued by the government covert agencies such as the C.I.A. and military.  Its understood that we will listen to authority, and will WANT to accept what the authority provides because its a natural instinct that stems from being a child and growing up with parents.  The state or media become the parent and tell the person what to believe or think.  When you bring huge sums of money into the picture, greed takes hold and people will say and do just about anything for money.

This was the case with Gaddafi.  He represented true independence from a monetary standpoint. His little movement was a huge threat to the powers that be. He sought a free and independent Africa, a continent with gold, diamond, cobalt, uranium, and oil wealth. The IMF, which gives loans to poor nations, would have not been able to have as broad a customer base as it could have had were Gaddafi out of the picture. The IMF has made virtual slaves of those nations that have taken loans to try and better themselves.  The IMF is nothing but a bank.  Just like the Federal Reserve.  They sound like nice institutions that are either nonprofit or government run, but they aren’t.  They work with governments, but they aren’t government.  These banks are the crossroads between business and government, and they make huge sums of money from government.  If you doubt this, look up Federal Reserve in the yellow pages.  It isn’t in the government pages of the phone book because it isn’t a government entity.  Its a corporate one.  Its business plan is not about the common good, even though the government has done all it can to get the Fed to act in this way.  This is one reason why there is a move afoot to audit the Fed in the U.S.  The sponsors of the bill suspect that if the books were opened the American People would finally see the light of what this audit would bring (there has never been an audit of the Fed EVER—-they operate in total secrecy), and would understand how the larger banking cartelle works in the world.  If you look at the move towards globalism, the underpinnings of it are banking and commerce.  They go hand in hand.  Certainly.  But the ones who stand most to gain are these same central banks, and when it comes to a nation being independent, it means less business for them.
So what is the result?  Deposing of leaders, making them look like bad people.  The very same thing was done to Saddam Hussein.  A bad man.  He deserves to get his ass whooped, right?  Oh, and the real reason we are going in is to rid him of nuclear bombs.  Unfortunately, that NEVER materialized.  Ooops.  But by then, the deed was done.  Now we are saber rattling about Iran.  When this happens you have to ask “Que Bonno” which means “who benefits.”  Everything else is an attempt to sway the way you look at things.

This tendency is as old as humankind.  Its nothing new.  But understanding how you could be a cluster of opinions that blind you to a still greater reality is what this post is all about.  Understanding that reality can in a sense be manufactured through a process of propaganda, is I think the first step in waking up and getting straight with the way things are.  Its interesting to note that when Bush Sr. spoke of a New World Order in a few of his speeches, no one said much about it.  It was taken in as we always tend to do, listening to papa Bush like he is a kind and gentle father telling you how things really are.  But then, when people began to uncover a vast effort to actually create a New World Order built on surveillance, control, and a bigger slice of the pie for these banking institutions, these people were called crazy and loony.  Kooks.  Conspiracy Theorists.  And really, that is how its supposed to work.  You don’t even need to address the facts, just call them crazy and it becomes so….even when the facts are there, people will deny the reality.  this is how persistent our tendency towards wanting to believe in the mainstream gnosis.  Its a herd mentality.  It feels safe.

So awakening is very much like this.  Being able to examine your beliefs rather than being driven by a knee jerk reaction to something is an important step in untangling the threads that move all through you.  Its actually becoming free from what our history has brought us.  I always thought the Hindus were so on top of it with the masculine and feminine dynamic.  It seemed that way at a glance, but when a friend suggested that that was not so, I began to look more closely and without an effort at being invested in any position.  I found, on a factual basis, there was very much of a bias against women in the writings.  Shakti was present, but she was the raw energy that had to be refined.  She had to travel from the root to the crown to meet her beloved Siva who resided in resplendent perfection in the crown.  I read a recent translation of the Bahagavad Gita (As It IS) and noted how many times women were even mentioned.  Then I looked at how many times Goddesses were mentioned.  They were the same.  Goddesses even fewer, and when women WAS mentioned, it was almost always with some negative association.  Women do not have the intellect to keep them from depravity. Women are easily seduced by bad people, things like this.  Not once was there any mention of how important the feminine was in the culture.  Its translator was himself a product of the culture and reflected those biases and beliefs.  So what this does is it shields you from spending much time thinking about the role of women in spirituality.  She can’t be totally hidden, but her role CAN be downplayed.  In much the same way has the feminine been hidden in Christianity.  Early works reveal how Jesus spoke of both the father and mother being of equal importance in awakening.  This went from “I am one with the father and mother” to simply “I am one with the father.”  The feminine was called the holy ghost, and through time, some people even forgot she was a SHE, but became in the minds of most people (especially today) an extension of a masculine deity.  When we project importance upon one form or another in religion, it echos down through the culture in subtle ways. The Gospel of Philip, which corrects this wrong headed notion was never included in the biblical canon.  He explains how silly it is that people would say that Mary would beget with a woman.  In his day, the Holy Ghost was known to be the feminine aspect of the deity.  Of course it makes sense that a woman wouldn’t conceive from a feminine force but a masculine one.  But what happens on the physical level also happens on the spiritual because all of this is an extension or projection of consciousness.  Our bodies are like a kaleidoscopic interpretation of the spiritual body, not the other way around.  Our world is a reflection of still deeper qualities that exist in larger scales and literally permeate the universe.  Knowing this you can see just how far afield humans have gotten from understanding how things are and how our own forms of propaganda will work to keep a wrong headed notion in play for thousands of years.
All of this is changing.  People are waking up.  More than ever, people question the story told about 9/11.  There are some nearly impossible results from that day that go unexplained and not investigated.  Now realize, when you read this, to think about your reaction.  Where does your reaction come from if you think 9/11 was merely the work of people flying planes into buildings?  Have you looked carefully at the evidence?  Have you looked at the government story versus the facts on the ground?  Are you aware that over 1200 engineers and architects are saying that what happened on 9/11 was a factual impossibility based on engineering models and prior history?  Many people stay away from even looking deeper because they feel its all nonsense, that its just a bunch of crazies who want to see trouble where there is none.  And so this keeps people from even being curious about it.  Because there is so much about 9/11 that is troublesome from a factual standpoint that the sheer weight of the material can take a good year to go through.  This is a good controversial example of what happens to us when we follow someone elses lead.  Someone else who may well have an agenda that isn’t about making the world a better place but in serving a very narrow interest that, sadly, is just about money and greed.

Thing is, when you are able to look deep inside yourself, without needing someone to tell you you are alright, when you can determine for yourself who and what you are without needing texts and teachers, you begin the process of being free.  True freedom. We have been duped I think into wanting to always get the information from an existing source, forgetting all along that the knowing, or as the gnostics called it “gnosis” is part of the human soul.  Our beliefs and attitudes can shield us from this place where the truth shines in us.  So when we go to read the Bagahavad Gita and think how great it is, looking deeper can reveal a very different perspective. It also happens to reflect upon you, for the Law of Attraction was such that you were drawn to it.  Why?  This isn’t a judgement, but a question that I hope leads to a better understanding that what you see around you is a reflection of you.  The people you know all mirror you in some fashion.  The events that seem accidental are by design.  People waking up are beginning to see these events happening, something some call synchronicity, and is something I explain the deeper significance of in my book Waking The Infinite.  But as you change, so does the world.  This is even more amazing, and will lead you to a still greater wonder of who we are.
I know it sounds conspiratorial, but there are many interests that do not want you empowered because there is truly a vast power within you that can literally change the world.  Right now there are more people waking up and feeling the divine flow.  This is the presence of awakened truth on the planet, and it can speed manifestation.  You are far more powerful than you realize.  As you remove those beliefs about how you are not worthy, you can begin to manifest things you never were able to before, such as a more healthy financial life.  It can mean new people coming into your life which reflect a change in attitude.  The world aligns to your belief.  Do you have beliefs that no longer serve you?
Through a simple act of intention, you can change all of this.  the process builds steam and the self yearns for change, for healing, for rising to the higher core of its truth.  And while I am not a big one for methods and techniques, I also know that if they achieve a shift in awareness and in feeling, that is the whole point.  So in the future I will provide you with some strategies for feeling different in your body and in your energetic self.


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