Monday, March 26, 2012


Awakening can move you beyond all form, all philosophy, and belief.  It can reveal deep meaning with the greatest of compassion, something that is often difficult for most to grasp at first.  So when I seek to explain what awakening is, I do not go into descriptions  but simply explain:  YOU are the awakening.

I say “can” because many remain safely ensconsed in their biases and beliefs, even if they are notions that are incorrect.  We are a bundle of beliefs often fed to us without our thinking. We want to belong to the herd, so we accept what the herd is gobbling up.  Ideas and beliefs can be shaped by TV.  An entire nation can be taken into war just by talking heads on tv giving a rational reason, but a wholly cooked up by the powers that be.  The release from your own limiting beliefs is often the release from notions you never really questioned because you were too busy trying to fit in.  Kundalini for me was like waking up one morning and discovering I was speaking a strange language.  From another planet.
Be brave.  Wake up to what is real.  And then, the world will evolve back into a place that is more just, egalitarian and real.  But we will each have to do our part. Sitting on a nirvana cloud wont do it, although I would agree that it could help shift the wave in the Collective to burgeon others to awaken too.  Yes.  But there is an old proverb that goes something like “you can believe in something, but until you do something, its only partial being.”  Let us root the power of the awakened here.  Already people, vast numbers, know something is not right.  And in catching on, the world is beginning to look different from the fairy tale they were told about.  Waking up, they have found far more bliss than any tv could have given them in their distraction. Time to begin to call the elite on their greed and the suffering this has caused.  And realize we have all been culpable, for we allowed it to happen as we sat happy to be distracted by our ipads and tv’s.

Beyond all of that is a marvelous place for us to be.  Its real.  And it has a fantastic future, if we can simply believe its possible. When rightly aligned with the divine, belief can fuel peaceful revolutions for the benefit of all.

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