Monday, March 26, 2012

The Point

Waking up and moving beyond old hurts is about building awareness.  There comes a time when you either are or are not aware that the pain and tightness felt is the result of your own misalignment with your divine flow.  Its not that you are bad.  Its that you have allowed material that is inconsequential to your infinite or Essential Self to come between you and it.

People who awaken often have all kinds of symptoms of pain which isn't anything that medicine can diagnose.  Many go home with some prescription or other, but it never solves the problem.  These issues often clear up in time, but only once kundalini helps to identify and bring awareness that its not your BODY that is feeling this, but its your energy body.  In chinese medicine, pain and trauma gets lodged in the energy field.  The idea that we push stuff down is true.  it isn't just in the brain or head.  Its all through us.  Things of a sexual and nurturing nature get lodged in the root.  Issues related to our sensuality are in the sacral.  Issues concerning our individuality are in our gut.  The heart is about our ability to sense in an instinctive way what truth is, divine well as the pulse of love.  Our throat chakra is involved with being heard and speaking our truth.  And on and on it goes.  These chakras are aligned to feelings because of vibratory frequencies involved in each center.  Taken together, these centers form a complete octave, a kind of range of colors in vibration that make a rainbow.  Its energy and like attracts like.  So naturally, as you become aware, you can feel how your stomach is tight, or how your root is unsettled and tight.  When this happens, it can help you to identify what you are doing with your thoughts and feelings.  It can make you more self aware.  It can help you to learn to get beyond those feelings, and fill that space with a better feeling. FEELING.  Not emotions, though.  We have emotions, and they can often be just as unsettled as our karmas....are often inculcated right alongside our karmas, our attachments to hurts and old old trauma.  This can go back for lifetimes, often resulting in a repeating pattern that is a bit of a rut.  The great thing is this rut can be healed in just one lifetime.  Sometimes in moments.  If you are aware and ready to let go of that old investment.  Problem is, our pains often define us.  It seems kind of crazy, but we are all this way.  And in so being, the way to healing is with a healthy does of compassion and understanding.  For all of us. 

This is about stripping down to nothing.  Then, when you have all the dross of this world removed, you can build based on what your higher self offers.  Your higher self is the parent, is the father and mother that Jesus spoke of (the mother got swept under the rug, but in recently discovered texts he DOES say mother/Holy ghost, which was known as the feminine aspect of the divinity).  Others speak of the same thing.  Your insides are dying to feel into this broad range of being that will flow instead of feel stopped up.  Learning to listen to your inner parentage, your higher self which is both masculine and feminine, is an important tool in developing freedom.  Sadly, the Christian tradition could not allow the feminine her place…..but when you heal the rift between your masculine and feminine, you will FEEL your masculine and feminine in your higher self much more clearly.  There is a lot of work to do, so do not be fooled you have it licked.  You don’t.  You are just a very young being compared to your higher self.  Your higher self has this licked.  Learning to listen to it will never lead you astray.  But most people are clueless about how to do this.  Or how the role of the creative can get them out of the log-jam of their pain and suffering.

Learning to cast awareness is the first step.  Understanding that all that comes between you and the infinite is karmic.  Much of this is so close to you that its hard to see.  There is no work; this is a misunderstood illusory thing.  The only work there is is in letting it all go.  And how do you do that?  Grace.  There is another way to understand it, but I have said it over and over until I am blue.  I am now feeling other colors would be nicer for me.  You do not need a teacher.  The teacher is in you.  What you need is someone who will remind you of your vast storehouse of potential.  What trips you up?  Kundalini?  Nonsense.  You know better than that.  That’s victim talk.  What trips you up is you.  And if you realize that this is true, then what is it in your that is causing all the tripping?  Are you the least bit curious?  If you are, then getting to understand that everything that remains for you in your “process” is entirely inside you.  It is also reflected outside of you in the world, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this reflection IS the reality.  It isn’t.

The Law of Attraction means you will attract the same based on where you are, what you are.  the people in your life reflect all of this.  If you are looking for a teacher and you cannot find awareness, your teacher will also have problems with awareness.  So where will this get you?  The true authority is within you.  You must learn how to grab the can opener and open your own cans.  Otherwise, you give your power over to someone who will rob you of your wealth inwardly.  We have ALL been doing this for centuries.  That is another story.

Learn to feel, learn about grace, and remember what you are.  You are infinite.  Let go.  The universe is calling.

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