Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kundalini Talking

Over the last few days I have been working on getting some cuttings from an old orchard so I can graft the old apple varieties onto new root stock.  As I have been out in nature trimming and collecting I have felt a resurgence of some old stuff and in so doing, it has helped to show me just how much I have changed.

Through the voice of this energy I can hear it, feel it, speaking.  Something is higher self, the energy.....maybe they are one and the same.

Its talking about desire.  Its showing me a person who is free from most karma and this person does not seek through desire that is governed by karma.  The karma, in this case, are those things that we do unconsciously that serve to trip us up.  People we are attracted to that are themselves tied into an old karma we have yet to resolve.....and most often than not, things wind up going badly for both....and while people will tend to want to blame or point fingers, ultimately this all resolves back to the self.  Always always always......until we say "ok, I give up.  What do I have to do to drop all of this stuff that makes me do what I do not want to do?"

When karma is dropped, desire does not go away.  What remains is what governs us.  Energy, or consciousness, will always attract, will always be dynamic.  This is the nature of energy, and it is the way things are.  Even when you are not seeking, not doing, your energy field has an effect all around you. You magnetize the world based on one given wish and hope....or based on some unresolved issue having to do with self love and guess what, this winds up effecting you based on your feelings about self love....

'Round and round we go like this for aeons.  But once we dig into the karma and just decide to let it go, to lift ourselves into a better place, things get better.  We allow an old hard feeling to soften. You might not KNOW how to let things maybe they just sit inside of you until for whatever reason, you feel like its time to clean house, or to face the fact its overdue. Whatever it is that allows you to let go and feel different.

This energy suggested that we do not lose anything, we just begin to attract based on this still clearer energy.  Whatsmore, its all inside of us.  Its like peeling a potato.  You have the outer skin, but you want to peel back those rough layers to get to the core.  There, beneath all the hardness of what the ego has brought to your outsides, lies a still clearer sense of self that you may never have even realized was there.  It is inside each person.  Its so powerful, but so quiet, I am not surprised many have meditated to try and find it.  Its not a thing.  It is a feeling.  Once you begin to "get" it, it is easier to find.  Easiest still, is it is perfect, waiting for when you can peel back the layers that you thought were absolutely crucial to your being or survival prior to all of this.  It might seem that letting go of all that is before you is a giant loss, but consider that all that is right for you will remain while all that is not right, not in YOUR divine alignment, will simply drop away.  Don't let ego seek to pick it back up.  Just let youself let it all go.  In time, you will forget it was even there.  Some things that get dropped will be harder, but just keep yourself in the moment.  You will likely find, though, that things get easier.  For now, let that be the way.  There is a season and time for everything.

Once you can become more clear, you will begin to do something you have never done before, which is to attract based on this divine alignement rather than the alignment to karma.  We tell ourselves that we NEED a person or event to take place in order to satisfy our lack of self love.  But there is nothing in truth that we can lose in this divine love.  It was never gone, we just played a trick on ourselves saying it was gone, or that we were hated or not loved.  The ego, in its infancy, made a mess of things it seems.  And now, the WAY to learn is to learn from your higher self.  Time to let it do the driving.  TIme to start listening to IT and as you do, you will be much happier.  Content. Bliss-filled. The desire that remains is not based on what the ego thinks it wants or needs.  This wil be a desire based on a timeless state of being.  Not losing love or being hurt from something from the outside.  That has always seemed to befuddle the ego and all kinds of patterns are seen on the screen that is the universe.

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