Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Are

Yes you Are.

You are the result of countless atoms
drawn together
the result of endless processes
all hurdles to becoming
and as you have become
in a way that is entirely miraculous
millions upon millions of years of work
wherein Nature has perfected you,
you realize
you are star stuff
connected through all the compounds here
and seemingly lifeless material
but all of it shimmering and live,
ready to burst into life if given the right opportunity....
But you were made of all of this
the vastness of it all
and how it all opens up
in such kaleidoscopic patterns
is testament to the wonder of creation.

Your mind emerges from the very patterns that have brought your being into being.
Its a pattern recognition machine
it is itself a pattern
of  dizzying complexity.

Mere molecules dancing into life....
here you are
sheer miracle that you are
realizing that you are the stars and the cosmos
waking up
looking back at itself.

And in that moment of knowing,
we have a responsibility as caretakers in our seeing and knowing.
There is a ponderous and beautiful responsibility that goes with this knowing.
As we look back on the entirety of what this world is
we become the conscious universe
pondering itself
which has a task of tending itself
in the highest way possible. 

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