Monday, March 26, 2012

The River

I always believed that one must follow the path of least resistance.  Most denied this was nothing more than getting lost, being lazy, or not really trying. I felt deep down it was a way of being found, as well as a way to reach a goal with the greatest degree of grace.  For in the letting go, the surrender to those larger currents, we surrender to the currents of life, a giant entity that swirls and moves around us….amazing in proportion, and we are a part of it, wedded all through it, seemingly a droplet in its river, yet capable of being the entirety of it. It was our incredible need to control everything that leads to feeling like life is something we have to fight against, to resist the flow.  All along, I was not moving with the larger current that was all around me.

And then I awoke. 

I hear rivers speak to me, they speak of the inevitability of letting go, of flowing into the All. And I know that the river leads to the sea. I began to awaken to the fact that life itself was entirely supportive, but I had to trust that what I was attracting was good for me, and if it wasn’t right, I had to simply change how I felt, what I believed.  By doing this work, new things emerged and moved into my life.  This life force filled me with bliss and a boundless feeling of being part of it, no longer a cog in the giant machinery, but a strand in a web that now pulsed with a message of energy. I had awakened to my larger, truer nature.  It was cosmic, orgasmic, and beautiful.  We have been seeking to put up barriers to this through beliefs that somehow our true nature is somehow bad.  Going against the flow has served only to shield us from our very animal nature, that nature we have said was sinful and bad.  By trusting in what the Creator put before us, fulfillment and wonder replaced loathing and guilt and shame.  I was able to take one step closer to the Garden.

This is the greatest love, of letting go of the roots and rocks so we may all float easy and naturally in our natures as the ancient knowing that we are flows in around us and we are slowly melted by its great passion.

The river is where we must all go, stepping in gently and then becoming embraced by it.  It is our passionate embrace, the touch of the divine kiss that knows the incredible beauty that is every soul.
Let the current take you.  It will protect you if you believe it will. It will take you to the right place if you can suspend old judgements and trust long enough for this unfolding sense of self to flow through you, in you and around you.  We never were separate from the flow that now pulls at us seemingly separate, but begging us to know the deeper truth.  Losing control is the first step in regaining your birthright, which is more than your smaller awareness.  Surrendering the control opens up a whole new world, a larger self, a delicious realm of being.

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