Sunday, March 18, 2012


Awakened Energy is Creative Energy!  Creative Energy is Love.

Whatever Enlightenment is, one thing is for sure;  at the crossroads of the infinite "I Am" or what I call the "Waveform Awareness, and the younger “earthbound” personality, lies creativity.  I think the sages miss something when they say there is nothing to do; the universe is inherently creative…..and even the sages who say there is nothing to do, themselves DO things (which I will bet is creative!)!

The most liberating practice, the best mudra, the best mantra, is to simply be creative.  That sensual energy cracks open more dry husks of your perception than a million postures and positions! Frees you!  Awakens you more!  Greater and greater sensual bliss!  This is the Universe!  Waking up to this is waking up to the powerful potential resting in the universe; we are here to burn this potential in the fires of our souls here on earth!

Creativity is Grace.

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