Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mirroring The Infinite

You are like a coin with two sides.  Most of your life you live your awareness mostly on one side, the one that tells you that you are individual, separate, singular. While this aspect of your awareness is valid and important for why you came here, you also have another side to that coin of yours, which is the infinite, the Waveform Awareness as I call it, it is is the place where the particle of your awareness, the individual, is able to merge with countless other particles to make a wave…..and this wave has limitless potential.  It is here that gazing into the mirror of your being and into the universe, you can glimpse and FEEL the infinite bliss that is possible.  The degree to which you allow your individualized or particalized awareness to crowd out your broader awareness of this blissfield of the infinite is the degree to which your own ego probably is engaged and seeking to bring you back to a place of individual awareness.  It is all a balance, and its so simple for you to strike it; its all in feeling.  Its also in not needing to always KNOW KNOW KNOW!  Part of the wave is not needing to engage the head or mind in everything.  Always needing to know gets in the way of feeling.  When you begin to wake up to this other side of yourself through kundalini, you begin to bring forth a powerful form of mirroring.  Since energy is neutral, and the universe is bliss, whatever that is in you will Attract to you just what you are.  All of your unresolved stuff will also get mirrored or attracted.  For good or ill, your life will be a perfect reflection of all that you are.  If you have issues concerning abundance, you will mirror that through a difficulty in bringing that abundance into your life.  Every move, every word and thought will be informed by your beliefs about what you do and do not deserve.  It will also limit what kinds of events can happen in your life. It also means that you will attract those people into your life that will mirror these issues in you.

In an awakening, you can also attract other awakened people who are at the same place as you.  When this happens, the power of kundalini is accentuated, mirrored, and increased.  The universe, which awakens in you, not only looks out into the world, but is suddenly staring into itself through you and the Beloved.  Amazing things can happen.  Healing can be sped up, and it can also be stopped, especially if there are limiting beliefs ABOUT what an awakening is or can be.  The dynamic of the masculine and feminine work together not just within you but in these unique relationships called soul connections.  They are also referred to as Twin Souls and Soulmates because this is HOW they feel.  What makes one feel like a twin is how the universe is moving through you both, mirroring all the way, and driving bliss throughout your being.  Bliss is accelerated, accentuated quite naturally, and the dance of masculine and feminine works its magic insofar as the two are ready for healing and change within.  This can be very hard to deal with, though, because this is no ordinary union. 

Drawn together by what is mirrored as much as the divine universal at play within the union, the two feel a sense of non-separation where each shares in the others’ thoughts, feelings, and even karma in a non-local way, which is to say they can feel all of this at a distance.  The universe is everywhere, heaven is everywhere, and is not tied to one body, one individual being, but is running through ALL.  Its is the universe that can make you feel like you are twins or soul mates.  In a sense you have been twinned, for in feeling the All through kundalini, you aren’t separate.  You feel a heightened sense of union, unity consciousness that you may have never felt before.  Riding over top all of this are also all of the unresolved issues that need to be melted away.   Love can do this, but its interesting how much ego can get in the way, how much MIND can get in the way.  Again, this is a balance.  By learning to incorporate the mind and heart, the singular with the plural, the individual with the infinite and the material with the non-material, the true essence of kundalini is experienced.  There is no separation….not in the mind, nor heart, nor body, nor soul.  It is all peacefully merged into a unity,
Two people, mirrors of the divine pulse, look into the other and that mirror is then mirrored again, the universe flows into the moment, has a place in this world.  Truly remarkable.  The divine is amplified in the world, but the energy of such an experience can be focused for greater creative work, for removing blocks, for raising inner awareness of deeper issues, and clearing out the cobwebs.  This is the power of the Thunder Beings, the powerful Yin/Yang of our world….the negative and positive charge, the destructive forces and the creative ones side by side, for just as the wind and rain bring life, so too can they tear down things.  It is a dance of shadow and light. It is as powerful as wind and rain, of the seas surging.... Coming to a place of peace with this is the first step in healing anything that remains from your long walk through this world, built through lifetimes, and returned in perfection by the divine pulse that is kundalini.

Kundalini is not something that happens to you, you ARE kundalini, life force, waiting to emerge into awareness!

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