Monday, March 5, 2012

How We Perceive The Infinite

In the previous blog entry I mentioned something I call Particalized Awareness and Waveform Awareness.  These are the two ways that we experience the universe.  One is what we feel coming through our senses while the other is what we feel energetically, and what we feel and how we feel it is the subject of this blog entry.

Feeling is much more than mere emotion.  You feel through your energy body, whether you know it or not.  When I was 18 and moved away from home, I began to see energy around people’s bodies. I knew about this phenomenon, and its called reading auras.  Everyone can do this by the way, its not so terribly esoteric.  Its all in knowing you can and knowing what to look for. I was always the most successful at reading auras when I shut off my thinking side.  I found myself just emptying myself of thought and was there observing the energy as it began to resolve in my vision. I would lean into feeling and that was where I began to see auras.  The reality, though, is I never really saw them.  The eyes simply cannot pick up on that wavelength of energy.  But how do we see auras when its so obvious they are being seen?

The answer lies in the fact that we don’t see this energy, we FEEL it.  What is happening is that each person has a field of energy around them and this field serves as an antenna for picking up the subtle energy of others.  We tend to filter this all out in the day to day, but sometimes when we stop the filtering, we can begin seeing or sensing this energy. It turns out that the left brain is the filter that keeps the right brain functions from being as known to us as they would otherwise be.  This is becoming known as we do more research into brain function as well as what happens when the left hemisphere is damaged.  What I have seen in my own awakening is what the neuroanatimists are saying as a result of their findings, which is that when the left brain is damaged, it ceases being a filter for the right brain functions and what results is very often an overwhelming feeling of awakening or samadhi.  This is huge because it shows in a simple and direct way how we have a dual current in us that is first energetic but also tied to consciousness and tied to our very bodies.  This line runs through us from stem to stern.  It is also consistent in how it works.  The Goddess is the right brain, the God is the left.  It is how, thousands of years ago, without the same level of accumulated technical information, it was described.  One felt softer and inclusive and intuitive while the other felt more rational, directional and detail oriented.  And the two?  To get them to work together, they had to merge, to come into union, to be married to one another instead of at odds.  So in a real way we have been silencing the "feminine" side of our consciousness in a very real way through our over-reliance on the left brain functions. And for as simple as this all sounds, and it is simple, it also expands outward through our consciousness to include and draw in many more aspects of our being than just mere brain function!  But the right brain; absolutely is feeling. 

The sensing of it (kundalini and other energetic effects) comes directly through this energy body, but that means that there is no sensory path for it to follow. The trick, though, with picking up on something like this through the energy body is that the brain picks up on the information and doesn’t always know what to do with it exactly.  Remember, a big part of its job is to organize sensory data in a way that makes sense.  Its not unusual that the data gets run through the visual centers because humans are so visual.  Dolphins would likely hear this energy, and dogs, well, they’d SMELL them!  I am a highly visual person, and being an artist adds to that leaning, but seeing them makes sense to me.  Its a kind of trick that happens, but it points to something that is of importance in all of this.  For those who doubt this, consider that there are people who have the unusual trait of tasting color or seeing sounds (and no, these people are not on LSD, although a similar thing can happen when taking this drug).  This might seem to be a big mix up in the brain, but it points to the brain’s ability to put information into different parts of the brain than where they normally belong.  It happens, I think, because its a slot that makes sense for the brain and will help the person to learn to relate to as given sensory input.  So for energy, any sense will probably do since its in truth nonphysical, but its probably all about which center of the brain’s sensing processing that will make the most sense for the person.  So you get that we can FEEL through a direct channel and not the senses, right?  Fact is, though, there will always be a tendency for the brain to get in the act in order to translate what is coming through.  This is why so many people who have awakenings feel incredible body tension or pain.  This is not physical but is referred tension/pain that is interpreted as pain.  It certainly FEELS real at the time, but if you follow the right types of exercises, you will find the pain diminishing until it goes away.  You can’t always do that with pain which is the result of smashing your finger or breaking an arm.  the point here is you have a direct line to the cosmos, and its a very beautiful place.  I am drawing a little road map for you…..

Beyond the world of your five senses is a world of sensing that isn’t physical. Its a world that is picked up on no by senses in the body but something less local, and is tied to feeling.  This is your body.  Actually, more specifically; your energy body.  Since your energy body and physical body are sol closely paired and mirrors of each other in so many ways, they will often feel inseperable.   The thing about this energy body is that since it does not have mass, it has the ability to see beyond time and into this other world that is what I call Waveform Awareness, which is the Infinite.  By feeling in this way, you can pick up on all kinds of things that some might call intuitive or reading body language.  While some of that is true, it touches upon a still larger realm of experience that leads to the infinite.  It is this infinite realm and self that lives in it that brings the bliss and joy and great feelings of energy that we feel when in this state of sensing and being.  When we look at what the easterners have to say about how emotions can serve to clog the channels of this subtle energy in our bodies, you can see or understand why the action of kundalini in an awakening is so useful and important. In a very real way, the pipes or channels for this energy running through you can become clogged with all sorts of vibrations of attached energy that are simply emotional material that you have shoved down or haven’t dealt with.  In the eastern practice of Qi Gung, the act of movement helps to move this energy in the field and can result in many older issues simply dropping away.  I know this because I used Qi Gung as an important part in my energy work as a result of a kundalini awakening. The thing about this process is that you don’t need to know with your head what is happening.  In fact, this stuff is not about the head at all.  Its about your body.  Your energy body.  As you begin to stretch and move, the movements are designed to help loosen those blocked areas. Sometimes old hurts can drop away.  Massage can achieve this as well as acupuncture.  All of these disciplines are used to help loosen up old material that we have “shoved down” out of the mind and into the body for one reason or another.  Anything old that needs to be let go of that is still clinging in your subconsciousness can be released.  The feeling is one of clearing and more intense energy in the direction of bliss.  If there is enough material that needs clearing, the process can cause some anxiety for how rapidly the shift can take place, of all of the backlog of material that falls away.  Here is where the ego might swing into action to create fear.  The change is so rapid, but at the same time, this could be seen as how we can feel a little bad as we get the medicine we need after having been so sick for so long (or away from feeling that part of our being that we so need to feel….the infinite).  In each chakra there is an atunement to a certain range of energy and each chakra will tend to have certain things attached to it that are all of like vibration.  Like attracts like in this case, so issues related to the heart will be lodged in the heart chakra.  Issues related to the self will be in the solar plexus.  Each energy center winds up being cleared both by these practices as well as the resulting kundalini.  The end result is that you can feel this universal energy more clearly and powerfully.  It also means greater peace and joy since you no longer have those old emotional issues to trip you up.

We perceive the infinite through feeling.  This is the language of the universe.  When you orient yourself this way, you are one step closer to hearing the message.  Learning how to change your own energy body to tune in this world even better is the core of what this blog is all about. By learning how to not lean on the lessons of the past teachers and use your own inner authority instead, you will be doing what I think this world has resisted us from doing for ages; think for ourselves.  Its a mighty fine little revolution we have brewing!

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